Have You Ever Tried Growing Peanuts?

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We've never tried growing peanuts before this past year. They turned out great and we had a pretty good sized harvest. We we will probably do this again next year and then develop different ways to use what we pull out of the ground.

We love peanuts and what surprised us most is that they are delicious even when eaten raw.

So give peanuts a try in your garden. Start with a small patch and see how it goes.




no i havent, but i wouldn't mind having a go

I have thought about peanuts, not sure I have enough space for it in my little city garden. It is something that I want to at some point! When you say small patch, how much space would you consider to be small and would it still be worth it?

We have tomato's in the garden, but not peanuts yet! Upvoted and resteemed, for your support!

Well done @mericanhomestead! Can't say I like peanut butter but I learned to enjoy raw peanuts in Israel. The goats I milked were fed mixed feed that had plenty of peanuts. I nibbled with them while I milked.