Deal With HORNWORMS Like A Gangsta!

in #dtube2 years ago (edited)


The D.Tube version doesn't seem to be working. The platform continues to give me trouble when uploading. It has lots of bugs.

Nothing is worse for a gardener than going out to your garden and finding that your precious tomatoes that you've worked so hard to grow are being destroyed by hornworms. They can be a constant menace and some years their attacks are worse than other years.

There are a variety of chemical pesticides that help to fight off these beasts but if you're like me, you'd prefer to stay away from chemicals. Many gardeners will pick these creepy monsters off by hand. But I have come up with a different creative method of attack.

Don't let hornworms eat your plants. Load up and get that red ryder out in the fight and take back lost ground! Oh, and have fun!

▶️ DTube

It has lots of bugs.

Maybe you can take care of dtube the same way you took care of those hornworms. :)

Creative indeed, show no mercy!

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