Crypto-Talk and Dtube - See you next time on the homestead

in dtube •  last year

I saw that D-tube has made some improvements and so I'm back to see if this is going to work better. I really like this interface and hope that they can make this a good home for me.
NOW YOU SEE TV will be talking about Cryptos Thursday (11th) at 8pm CST. I'll be on for 2 hours. See you there!

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  1. The Empire Strikes Back. Love it.

you a star


Not even however...


Your at less a satellite, if not more.

Played great for me!


That's GREAT! Because you were one of the people I remember who had issues a first.


Yes, in the past it would just sit and spin and never fully load.

Hello Zac DTUBE worked well and yes this Crypto Marine individual talking about the Government Security situation as they are here to help scares me.
Almost like we are being played. Well i hope Biconnect has the legal team together and working the issue. Have you herd about Davor coin and plateform?

Much better than last time...didn't work last time but this time it played just fine with no lag, etc...

Yea its been over a month since i checked it out and its a whole different site now. I'm going to play with it for a day or two and start back vlogging myself.

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It played just fine for me.

Something told me to check out DTube again this week and I was stoked that I could upload from my phone. Good to see your content again. :-)

Ohhhh that BEEEETCOOOOOOOONECT EXIT THOUGH!!! LOL Told you I told you...

This video will not play for me and only three videos show up on your channel.


But I go back and they all load.