Busking In Australia

in dtube •  6 months ago

Hey Guys!

This is a clip of me singing in a shopping mall in Australia called Westfields :) I used to really enjoy busking and had been busking since i was 16 years old and actually did it professionally for awhile before i started singing at corporate events, Weddings and Functions :) I hope you enjoy it

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Greetings, beautiful and dear Melissa

Congratulations on your presentation at the Australian mall. I guess people must have enjoyed it a lot. Your voice is beautiful and charming. How long have you been singing???

I thank you for sharing your voice with us, and I wish your career within this musical sector would be full of good things.

Thank you very much and good afternoon!!!!

Wow! Awesome, beautiful, really impressed. Well done girl. Keep it going and thanks for sharing.

wow you have a great voice and talent in singing all the songs, and your songs are all i like
thank you for sharing for us


Thank you <3 <3

wow dtub music Besides having a great name and be a very charming girl, sang a very beautiful song. Your voice is beautiful and you are a very talented singer. Do some kind of presentation at concerts??

I really appreciate the post and such beautiful music. I didn't know her. I think it was the first time I heard. Thank you very much for the opportunity.


Thank you so much :)


thanks.... upvote me???

It's great rockstar... You are doing great... you will success at your goal very soon... i believe in you.☺


Thank you so much!

thank you for amazing us with your beautiful voice,, Excellent @melissakellie

That was great. Keep going.

@melissakellie, very good your voice, success keep. :)

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Oooh wow I wish I could see you live! (In real life haha)

You’re so brave for a shy person! But I guess you have the confidence from your awesome singing ability 😍👍🏼