Rippin' Some Jazz Blues Licks - Album Preproduction!!!

in dtube •  last year

Working hard on the recording!!! :-) Thanks for being patient everyone. There is a lot of work to do - always. Starting recording is added on top of "all the busy" 😊

I think I am more ready for summer vacation than my kids are LOL!

The album, for those who care will be a blend of funk, soul, and blues/rock.

It's time for The New Blues. More clips on the way!



Dash Me here:







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Wow....I like your every music.
I appreciate your Every post.
Your guitar music really nice..I like dtube..
Thanks for sharing valuable music.


Thank You!!

Amazing music my dear friend

I appreciate. Your music..
Carry on dear..Upvote resteemit done..


Thank You!!

wow....amazing your art, i appreciate this music. keep it up dear friend


That's. A amazing music provide dear..Thanks a lot for sharing this music..
Keep it up..
Thanks for sharing ..


Thanks!!! :-)

This music very beautiful, I love music. thanks for sharing this art. I appreciate your Post........


Thank You!!

Wow.. wonderful art, I like it this music. thanks for sharing this dtube.......

Amazing guitar sound.


Thank You!

This music very beautiful.
I like it.
I appreciate your guitar music


Thank You! More to come. :-)

very cool, by the way why do not you post in dsound. but you are already followed by dsound. and on each follow by dsound each get vote from dsound 15%.


Thanks! That is a great idea. Actually I forgot. I will begin posting on dsound as well. :-)


Your welcome mel , keep spirit :)

this is very helpful art I appreciate your music thanks for sharing this double.. best of luck .....

There is something about your style I really like :) Besides the sound of it, you way of playing is great. Full of devotion.... I'm darn currious about the album... Keep producing :) Have a great day !!! p.s. I'm busy with some stuff myself for dTube... But not ready yet for exposure ;)


Thanks much!!! I will be waiting for that dtube video!!! Oh, and yes, I forgot to look into my skype and see if it's still set up. :-) I will do that tomorrow. I have a rehearsal with our students today. :-)


No worries, I promised to send you the questions, hadn't had the time myself :), I will write them down today and send them... Looking forward to have a talk with you !! Have a great day !!


A small introduction to my instruments :) although, small, I turned out to a vlog of 20 min :)

Yay! Well done Sir! 🙌


Thanks!! :-)

So chill, Mel! I feel like sitting in a beach, sipping Pina Colada and enjoying your music :) Keep up, friend! upped


Thanks so much. This will be on the album. :-)