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Hey everyone!! At my Music School in SoCal USA working on a bridge for one of my songs.
It's a blend of Blues/Rock Jazz and Funk. The changes are:
B-7/E B-7 Cadd9

I love blending Funk with everything, but my style is somewhat all over the place :-)
My early guitar tuition came from my cousin who only played Heavy Metal - there was a lot of Judas Priest and Scorpions if I remember correctly.

Before I began playing guitar, though, I listened to a lot of Stax, Motown, and James Brown.
So, needless to say, I ended up mixing all of that together.

Later, other influences were added like horn players. I mentioned in a previous post how much I love horn players - their phrasing is different than most guitarists, and I'm really drawn to that. Here are some horn players to check out that were pretty inspiring to me:

  • Miles Davis
  • John Coltrane
  • Eric Dolphy
  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk

I mentioned the guitarists who influenced me before as well, I keep getting new followers, so bear with me: 😊

  • Roger Troutman
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Albert King
  • Scott Henderson
  • Jason Becker

In addition to them, I also like Jef Lee Johnson, Stevie Salas, Linc Chamberland, Yngwie Malmsteen, Charlie Singleton and Charlie Hunter.

I also get a lot of inspiration from drummers like:

  • Dennis Chambers
  • Lenny White

Whether you are in the creative arts or not, you usually take the best bits from your heroes/mentors and try to carry it higher - to another point.

I believe that's what we all strive for.

"Carring the Torch" we call it

Thanks for watching!!! 😊



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Wow! Amazing lead lines sir. One question sir, are you using a guitar pick or just your fingers? If yes for fingers, kudos! Your lines are pretty smooth for fingers.

Well done Sir.


Yes, just fingers. :-) Thanks. I actually had to go back and look at the video. :-) I switch back and forth between fingers and pick - could not remember what I did LOL...


There was this last blow off... The riff was really smooth. I had to rewind...


Ha :-) Thanks again, I have to go watch...not sure what I played. :-) Thanks - More on the way.

This is awesome! Love the finger tone you have! Also playing without a pick for me can get more feel when playing the blues :)


Thanks! I love it too. I did not always play with fingers much, but that sound gets me now :-) Thanks for watching!!!


Me too! I like trying to switch between both during an improv session, even if it’s just for a particular bend or so. Changes the dynamic and It can really produce the tone you are feeling :)


Yes, indeed. I know Jeff Beck plays this way, but I did not start playing this way because of him. I think it was a few of the country guys to be honest :-)

This great movie i like this musicthanks for sharing this dtube..Best of luck my dear friends..resteemit...

Yngwie Malmsteen and his rising force.. I remember him, in the early days a thin, with the speed of light, guitarplayer.. very classical influenced... great guitar player. My brother once gave me an album of Yngwie, there was "you dont remember, i never forget".. great piece... you should look at Tamas Szekeres one time, also in the style of yngwie.. very good.. have a great day and keep on mixing those styles :)


Yes, I had that Yngwie album. I have his greatest hits album. I will look up Tamas. Thanks!!


Omg! Yngwie! I love that guy's music. The way he plays is just amazing. The idea of him playing with an orchestra is simply phenomenal


Yes, he is (was) great. :-) I first heard him with Alcatrazz - great stuff.

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That's Very Amazing Sound!
Keep It Up! 🎵🎵🎵


Thanks!!! :-)

Hiya Mel,

I don't know too much about these artists that inspired you. But I do know that developing your own style results from mastery. One of my favorite things is to not only apply but to play and experience with my knowledge.

All the love,

yo that was perfect! Keep it up


Thanks! Some of this may end up being in another book as well.

I can feel it all the way through the speaker. All that soul...keep on posting, it's fkin tasty...


Thanks so much - more on the way! :-)

What a groove man = )


Thanks!! More on the way!