Despacito but converted to a [Black MIDI] with 4.1 million notes

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Using W2M, you can actually hear the lyrics of the Despacito music video (by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, not the Justin Bieber one)
I am using a program made by 梦幻no人生, a member of the Chinese black MIDI community.

Don't watch if you are prone to seizures . . . please.

The program was written in Python and uses fast-fourier transform (FFT) in order to convert the original song into notes. It is similar to the MP3-to-MIDI conversion stuff you'd find online, but this one is much more detailed and sounds much more realistic in my opinion. The program is not public and as such I must respect the original developer's wishes by not distributing it. If you wish to download the program, ask other people who are involved in the distribution of the program (like Ryan 0201 or ooo 000) and they might give you the Discord server link to download it.

Here is a picture of a portion of the MIDI loaded in Takabosoft's Domino MIDI sequencer:

The tracks that separate the colour of the MIDI are actually based into velocity classes, in other words AMPLITUDE.

I went into Piano from Above and changed the colours to closely match that of spectrograms, and ended up with this (this also is a portion of the MIDI).

Piano from Above from left-to-right goes from low notes to high notes, meanwhile a spectrogram would go top-to-bottom from high notes to low notes, so I flipped the image vertically to try and emulate spectrograms. I am very happy with the result.

I might upload more videos in the future if you guys like them.

I accept contact by email (see my channel's about tab), Discord (below), and YouTube message. Any of these three methods will certainly guarantee a response from me. If it's a little more informal, I usually read the comments on my latest video over other videos!

To become actively involved in the black MIDI community, here are some excellent ways to get started.

G+ Black MIDI Community Group:

Black MIDI Community Discord:
MIDI Filename: Despacito-T5N4800L16V1.2.5.mid
MIDI Size: 23.1 MiB
MIDI Note Count: 4,134,835
MIDI Program: Piano from Above 1.1.0
Audio Source: Keppy's Synthesizer
Recorder: Bandicam
A warning to all people watching my videos - if you are epileptic/uncomfortable around flashing lights, refrain from watching my videos -- I don't recall anyone actually having a seizure from black MIDI, but avoid those kinds of videos if need be.

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