Pronounce 106 Most Difficult English Words: Advanced English Lesson

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Learn how to pronounce the top 106 most difficult words in English with Vanessa. Do you know how to pronounce through? Throughout? Girl? World? Entrepreneur? Learn in this lesson!

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Review this lesson:
1:50 Homophones (buy, bye)
5:42 TH words (throughout, thorough)
8:34 Short A/E (man, men)
10:40 Short I/Long E/Short E (bit, beat, bet)
13:50 Stopped T (important, forgotten)
15:55 T to D (literally, water)
16:52 RL words (girl, world)
18:03 R and L (arrive, alive)
19:03 Silent letters (receipt, different)
20:00 Miscellaneous words (entrepreneur)

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know is a nice platform. I love @dtube and spending much time here rather other platforms.
Speak english, Science, learning
English related topics is help to commination to of other people so you see in this channel. And learn speak English. Stay tuned.
Thank you.

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Some critical pronunciation