HOW TO MEDITATE – Plain & Simple For Everyone

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If you want to learn more about meditation or join the STEEM GROUP MEDITATION #SGM by @bewithbreath They meet on discord every Wednesday and Saturday. I will be joining them for the first time today. Want to breathe with us? Find us here!!

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Centralized version …

Find my guided meditations here:


My two biggest issues with meditation are the constant flow of random thoughts I just can't seem to shut off, persistence and lack of free time.

Do you have any constructive tips on how to get over my struggles?

btw, love the greenhouse; what do you grow inside?

Hey @runicar! In fact, I can! At 6:44 I start talking about it and say something about the fact that your mind will always drift in the beginning. That is actually what it is all about. And even though I insist on the fact that time doesn't exist in this case it is what you need. It is all about patience. You think of it as an undoable task but you do it anyways.

Studies show that it takes your brain 30 to 60 days of constant practice every day to change its neuronal connections. So, you simply accept that your brain wanders off, you kindly remind yourself to stay with your breath.

In your case I would recommend to forget what I said about alarm clocks and do the following:

Set an alarm clock for ten minutes. 'Meditate', respectively do what you described until the alarm goes off. Sit still and breathe and try to remind your brain that you only care about your breath right now. Don't mind that it doesn't work, just keep on trying.

Next day 11 minutes, following 12 min., etc. Do that until you've reached half an hour. At this point, you should already feel different. It's neuroplasticity. Your brain changes. That's a physical fact. So, basically, all you need is what I asserted doesn't exist: time. And patience.

When I started I felt exactly like you. And I was nowhere close to the ease and happiness you see in my video. I was miserable. In my case, I felt a change in my brain after 3 weeks. I wish you a wonderful plot twist! I hope my answer helps. Please let me know if it doesn't.

Hi @runicar - it’s not just you, most minds are like that but not aware 😃. Some might have particularly very active mind and something like 🕉chanting or thought watching meditation might help. Also, different mudras (hand position) have some mind quietening effects. May we interest you in joining us at SGM (Steemit Group Meditation) as @mayb mentioned above?🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️

oh, and in the greenhouse I grow some vegetables and … psst …

Awesome Your Life Style:)
I appreciate.

Lord of Truth? Is it you? Thanks. I appreciate the compliment. :)

Legal que pena que não falo inglês

What a beautiful video and how eloquently put....I’m so glad you’ll be at the meditation hall today. Very Pleased to know you my friend. I can see our us working together blissfully 😊🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️🙏🏼

Love your video, it's very harmonious. And the greenhouse is perfect. I find it is easier for me to do still/calm sitting down meditations after I do some heavy exercise... and the trick is to be tired, but NOT sleepy, otherwise I'd just fall asleep ))

Shutting up inner dialogue is a big challenge for most of us. And even recognizing it and listening to it with awareness (instead of just doing regular blah blah blah) is a challenge at first...

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Awesome hypnosis video, felt extremely relaxed watching it :)