StreetVlog || WalkWithMe In The Wilderness || Scanty Trees, No Water Source Farming Activities Is On

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Hello Dtube Community 💕 💞,

This is a good video that shows how the Northern Part of Nigeria really looks. Scanty Trees No Water Source when it comes to Summer Period 😂😂. Although enough Farming activities is still on. Walk Vlogging with me on the Wilderness.

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Nice video..

It's a big shame that people have moved away from farming this amazing land. What people may not understand is that here in the west, it's actually the wealthy people that have farms. If you think about it, you have to be a land lord to own a farm. We the poor ones live in the cities haha.

Wow l💪. That's so much for supporting farming and Agriculture as a whole. I was thinking if I made a big mistake when I went into farming generally. But as it is I'm so happy I have a big smile on my face today been the Valentine's Day 💘💕 💞. I would have done mine on the farm but I changed my mind. We should celebrate it together in love. Hahahaha. Lol Mr Ade. You are not a Poor man. Stooooooooooop 🌴 pulling my legs sir. Or I will call #steeman for you sir. Hahaha. Thanks sir.

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Agriculture is great but people do not know this at all, they think there is nothing new in Agriculture. For some. I think we need to re-orientate ourselves maybe here or I will be coming up with Vlogs to enlighting us what it takes to farm. Although, it takes so much. But not laziness or Idleness.

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