🎥Coffee Painting Video with"marya"🎥The Process of Coffee ☕️Painting in 60 minutes(Lovely boy)

in dtube •  16 days ago

I have a great interest in the beautiful world of 👶🏻children. And with coffee ☕️I want to make this a beautiful world.
So come along with Maria to see this movie.
thank you😊

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Coffee Being used in Artwork is indeed a Nice Idea I must say ;)

While liked this one as well.



Thank you, yes, enjoy coffee very much

That is amazing ! Beautiful !

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Thank you very much for the support of your dear friend.

Good job and interesting medium.


Thank you very much@sketch.and.jam

@marya77, You're continuously create coffee painting work day by day. Your mind so creative for art field. Beautiful production finally.



Coffee is an awesome drawing. I will continue to work with the support of your friends.