An abandoned club in Marsalforn bay, Gozo, Malta

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Check out the video

Introduction to the trip

As some of you may know, my latest adventures have taken me to the small islands of Malta. I needed to escape the Belgian weather. Unfortunately, during my trip I have dropped my GoPro into the sea, including the SD-card so most of the footage has gone to the fishes. To be fair, if someone ever finds it, it's going to be one amazing video (I was still shooting when it dropped). With that in mind I would like to dedicate my Malta series to getting myself a new GoPro, haha!

On a positive note; I had some footage already saved on my laptop including the discovery of an abandoned discotheque in Marsalforn. Which you can check out!

This is the location of the discotheque. You can also find my other travels on My Personal Steemitworldmap!


Marsalforn is located on the smaller island Gozo in Malta. During summer this apparently becomes a hotspot for tourists (although that can be said for all of Malta). Luckily, I was here during the winter period, and there was barely anyone around, with the exception of a few locals hanging around, going through their day-to-day life.

The village dates back to the Roman times, if you wander around the coastal line, you can still see a bunch of salt pens that have been preserved and are still being used! You can also see some of these in the video. Until the 16th century it was one of the most important Maltese ports, but nowadays it's just a quiet village and the port is mostly used by local fishermen.

Most of the time, I tend to travel without planning everything out, it makes me live life from day to day more. Which I personally love. So when @gypsybird told me there was a top-floor airbnb with a terrace and beautiful views for €18 a night (so nine each), I didn't have to think twice.


The abandoned club

After getting a good nights sleep, we decided to explore the area some, climbing over some rocks near the bay, we ended up at a ladder that seemingly went nowhere. Naturally I had to see what was on the other side! A lovely, but entirely run-down building, which we later discovered used to be discotheque "The Rook".

It took a while to find a way in - you'll see me stumble upon the slightly hidden entrance in the video - but it was 100% worth finding! You could clearly see that in its prime, it had to have been an incredible place. Now you can still enjoy the stunning views and some beautiful graffiti art.




Thanks for tuning in!


I still did not give up on finding your lost gopro mate. ill give it another go this week if the weather holds

Haha, I really hope it comes up someday, that would be so amazing!!!

Thanks again to go diving for it, that's quite amazing all in itself even if you couldn't find it (yet), haha!

Saw all of this via a resteem and now I'm following you both to see if diver guy can find travel guy's gopro. :)

Haha, awesome to hear that! Fingers crossed, would be amazing if it would be found for sure!!!

Also fixed the link to the video, just now realized it wasn't working!

Oh I love to watch videos of urban exploring. It gives such an eery feeling sometimes and it makes me wonder what these places were like before they were abandoned 😃 Thanks for this video!

Right! I did a little research afterwards, but when I first saw it, I was amazed by the place! I thought it was some sort of fancy bar / restaurant, and I wasn't that far off apparently!

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Nice post! Sorry to hear about your gopro, though... We just got to Malta ourselves and are really loving it so far!

Heya, thank you! Yes, it's lovely, if you want I can definitely suggest you some amazing places to check out!

Also fixed the link to the video, just noticed it was wrong!

That'd be great! We'll be in Gozo for the next couple of days and could use some ideas, but if we stop by Marsalforn we just might give that abandoned club a go :) Also, if you have any good restaurant you can recommend, that'd be equally awesome.

In Gozo you're fairly limited, but there is a pretty decent pizza place if you walk down from the citadel in Victoria (I forgot the name)! You should see a place called Jubilee first (which is okay too, but better for drinks imo)!

What are you looking to do? I can highly suggest star gazing where the Azure window used to be (almost no light pollution there) and going to Xlendi for the sunset! Other than that there is a slightly hidden cave near Ramla beach, but I think if you'd look for it online you'll find it, and it's quite nice! And well the abandoned club is really nice and if you don't mind a 30minute walk, if you keep following that coastal road there is a beautiful small gorge that you can go to, that runs into the sea!

We're pretty much open to all options. Ramla beach is on our list and we definitely had azure window area in mind, but never thought of going there when it's dark. We really like the stargazing idea so we'll seriously consider it! Did you, by any chance have the time to visit Ta'Cenc cliffs? They look really nice in the pictures, but we're worried about them being too far from everything...

I don't think I have been to those cliffs, but it looks amazing! Everything is very close by in Gozo, so if you want to do it, I would!

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