Mark Shepard "Little River Piano Variations" Visual & Musical Meditation

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Mark Shepard "Little River Piano Variations" Visual & Musical Meditation
Probably one of the last paddles of the season. Definitely one for the "Liquid Glass" series. There's something like 30 more minutes of this spectacular light witnessed from my Hornbeck Canoe... Use this to chill out after a hard day... or for meditation warm up... Who knows I might do some guitar improvisations for the rest of it... or some didjeridoo? stay tuned... or I might just move on to something else... thanks for watching... and listening... and sharing...

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Hello Hello!

Really relaxing in this life with music is a gift from God, I'm impressed by your tale

Greetings from Venezuela!

You are thanking but we are really the ones who should thank you for this wonderful melody. An interesting story. A big hug @markshepard

hey dear @markshepard, I absolutely adore your video :-)) your music and the murmur of the waves can carry me with you in that river and live 5 minutes of peace! thanks for sharing and congratulations, all the best for you