The Cryptoverse - Channel Update 2018 (Does anyone even care? 🤔)

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Today’s episode is brought you to by Vaultoro the one of a kind online exchange for Gold and Bitcoin:

I actually make an effort not to blow my own trumpet.

I don’t have a perfect track record in this regard but trust when me I say I put effort into holding my tongue often when I feel like explicitly pointing out something good about myself or what I do.

The reason I do that is become I don’t want to be seen as arrogant. Again, im not perfect and even arrogance slips through from time to time, but I still think it’s important to give yourself credit where it is due.

So on this occasion I’m going to point out that I started doing this in April of 2016, so coming up to 2 years now.

That was when many other crypto podcasts and crypto YouTube channels were just a twinkle in their creators eye.
When I started The Cryptoverse there was only really Let’s Talk Bitcoin and maybe a couple of other shows.

Suffice to say I’m an OG relatively speaking.

That proves that I did not get into this for the money, because back then there was no money in it. I sunk money into this for more than a year before it generated any revenue.
Now you have channels starting and becoming profitable within months.
That’s what happened in 2017. There was an explosion in the cryptocurrency market and a similar sized explosion in the number of podcasts and YouTube channels creating content.

Remember by that time I’d already been busting my arse for a year creating content and losing thousands of pounds in the process to keep it going, and I did that because I had a mission and a purpose.

So when I saw brand new channels appearing featuring hosts with little to no experience in any discipline like computer science, economics or philosophy, and those channels quickly overtaking mine in terms of views and subscribers, that’s when my ego kicked in.

Long story short, this is when I decided to go from the podcasting show format, where I just talk over my screen, and which I used to get rave reviews for, to using a camera and showing my face.

I did this because I thought this was why my channel was lagging behind all these newcomers.

That is when I made a critical mistake, I turned my attention away from what made my channel great, the content, and turned it towards the channel metrics.
What’s dumb about that is I can’t affect the numbers by focusing on them.

The number of subscribers and the number of views is a side effect of putting out good content.

So by forgetting to make the content the number 1 priority, that actually stifled the numbers and manifested the exact opposite of what I intended.

Meanwhile these other channels just put out good content and saw the grow of their channels skyrocket.

I’m thinking particularly about the Crypto Investor channel

Which you can see here was created on 28th August 2017, 4 months ago and has 110,000 subscribers.

Or Boxmining, created the channel on 23rd February 2017 and has 131,000 subscribers.

With respect, it’s easy for you to sit there and give me some kind of glib response like “the numbers don’t matter” because by the time Boxmining came along, I’d already been been busting my arse creating content for a year.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not taking anything away from these guys. I’m actually saying it’s the quality of their content that has been the source of their success.

And those two guys in particular did have some pre-existing expertise before they started their channel, Boxmining in terms of computer game production and Crypto Investor in terms of stock trading.
But what I’m really trying to communicate here is the emotional state I got into and how that lead my behaviour in a somewhat dysfunctional direction.

And yes the numbers do matter in the sense that they tell me how many people I am reaching, and that matters when you have a mission and a purpose.

Anyway, what was ironic is that going to all the trouble and expense of setting up a video studio with the green screen, the camera and the lights, it made little the no difference to the numbers and just ended up burning up time I could have otherwise spent making better content.

When I realised that over the xmas break I thought, that’s it, I’m going back to what I know works for me.

I’m going back to what made my content great in the first place.

80% of the value that I provide comes from my voice, not my face.

It’s critically important as a content creator to know what kind of content creator you are.

I’m not as tall and handsome as Ivon on Tech.
I’m not as charming as Amanda B. Jonson.
And I’m not as cool as Omar Bham.

So I should not try to be, because that just distracts me from doing what no one can beat me at, which is being Chris Coney.

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Don't beat yourself up man. You, care a bit too much what people think of you. That's not necessarily a bad quality. People who are conscientious and have the ability to be self critical do well in life, as long as the self criticism doesn't become so great it is self destructive. Look at what you have achieved. you had an interview with Mike Maloney! that's freaking awesome

Good for you reflecting on yourself man. I don't think your a guy that really cares about the money. So subscribers shouldn't be an issue. Other channels are colleagues in spreading crypto adoption. They do what they do well and you just do your thing. Certainly don't go to deep into the money side of things. There are enough channels about that. You investigate very well and that's what people need to hear. (safe wallets..) An example what I also liked is Kexcoin. You really worked hard on trying to launch a good use case for crypto. It just wasn't the time for it yet. That time will come and you'll be on top of it.

I'm a long time daily listener and I must say, while the quality of your content has always been great, it's really the Chris Coney personality and charm that keeps me coming back. So keep on being the great and spectacular Chris Coney and I'll keep referring people to your podcast.

Like your work, Chris. You make things so easy to understand and you always keep us updated. You are great and I am realy happy to watch your videos. Keep doing it. You are great, don't give up.

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I started with Omar and Amanda lol. But now I don't keep up with their stuff. I like your format. It's a lot of info in 10 15 minutes. I listen almost everyday.


I’m a brand new steemIan and also now follower of yours @marketingmonk, I look forward to getting to know you and everyone else aboard this Steem train!! Haha, I’m a self employed tattooist so intend on creating some original content eventually. When I get time in between tattooing and home life, lol. All the best for 2018 guys, lets make this a fucking epic one! ;)


Thank you for the upvote @lovemetouchme , you’ve gained another follower :)


Ive tuned out from the others too much noise fut cryptoverse the best

Never try to be something your not Chris, we love you just the way you are!

We care and a lot Chris keep up the good work quality material is all that counts in the end!

As for me, I do care, it's always on top of my feed even do I don't usually listen to it but I did more than 15 times. :)@marketingmonk

You should check this ICO! It has strong and innovative team as well already operating investment platform with more than 8500daily users, you just can not miss it!

We salute :) keep it up.

Like your post
Keep it up

you mentioned some great info indeed.
I think BTC will be surpassing Gold in the Marketcap not very far from now.. We have lots of signs that could prove that even if this is a bit away from the main idea but This really makes me feel some excitement and wish to see decentralization dominates the whole world and get us out of poverty and illiteracy.


first of all many thanks for this video. It shows all characteristics why I decided to subscribe your channel. You are enthusiastic about what you are doing and you try to reach as many as people as possible to get a deeper understanding of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency. I am a regularly viewer of your channel and for me it's a must to not miss a single one.

Other channels may have more subscribers, that may have various reasons. Maybe most people just want to get quick money and are not interested in technology, politics or information that gives more insight about why things are happening.

You take it serious and are highlighting the good and bad things that are happening and how to invest long term.

I really do love the idea of a live channel and will try to participate.

I am recommending your channel wherever possible, but as I am german speaking, many of the people I am taking to can't understand english good enough to follow your channel, but I keep woking on it.

Thanks again and good luck!

just came across your steemit . given you, ​a follow and an​ upvote for your efforts look forward to seeing more and going through your previous posts.

It's good to be who you are not who or what people want you to be.
Be original​ 😀

Good article. Soon we will see "buy BTC with gold" haha

Wow Excellent post ... I like it @marketingmonk

Good story 👍👍👍


Very good share

Great post bro ^^

absolutely right that number do matter because it give your channel authority and a trust flow

You made the right choice. And well done for admitting to your mistakes. It's a brave move but undoubtedly a wise one. :)

great post @marketingmonk
I like crypto currency.

i like your format shear alote of information ...
just followed you for more post ...

Nice posting bye the way

nice post,
I care but I have not been able to do that

Chris, have you considered doing a Q&A section for general crypto questions on the days where content is sparse? Perhaps collecting questions from video comments and emails would be a good content section for days where news or activity is sparse. I listen to your show primarily for your perspective and experience in the crypto world, and that includes things not directly news related. I think it would be a great way to connect with your viewers and to give us broader access to your knowledge and wisdom if you were to have a Q&A session to help fill in the slow days.

great content.

Be who your are and do what you do. "If you build it they will come"

It is like this a few years ago this was a very complicated world of income but with the passage of time you can see the advance in the human mentality and give these opportunities to those who put their dedication

Your channel is great, have been watching it for 2 weeks, will officially subscribe today / peace

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work you've been doing. I took one of your online courses, which helped me feel confident buying, holding, and exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You also introduced me to steeemit. So, I thought this would be an appropriate place to post my first comment! Keep up the good work. It is decisions like the ones you announce here that help me to feel confident that you are using your best judgement to give me information that is worth researching on my own.

this kind of post are always appreciated me to move forward

In short, you are my goto because of professionalism, your insight into new products, your positivism and clearly your experienced insight. I do watch others, because I like many sources but you have shown me more than all the others combined. So in short, I hope you crack on and also experiment to your liking... just don't stop putting out the things you do for all of us in this community! Many thanks, sir!

Nice post markrtingmonk. Good night

Essential info! Please post more! Following!

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i like your article. if you have time come my bog. i already folow you

Well I don't know the whole story here, I am new here on this platform, and I just read this post, so I can kind of relate to this as a student and researcher in completely unrelated fields, but not as a content creator on the web. I experienced many times how the hard work and long term effort may be paid less than that of other, luckier people, but I guess on the internet this happens even more often.
No one is guilty in those cases I guess, but the disappointment may still be there and you cannot do nothing about.
But cheer yourself: with this open, honest post you just earned one (and maybe a lot more are coming) new follower :)

marketingmonk!! Thank you, your Post.

Hey Chris Coney! I have been following your podcast for over 6 months excited every morning to hear whats up in the crypto markets and to receive your valuable input on the current events. I have been subscribed to your channel through the google play podcast catcher. Unfortunately that platform does not allow me to upvote my favorite episodes, or to even watch your video streams (I mainly listen on my way to work in my car) Frankly, I have felt pretty guilty about that, and for this New Year I have moved over to receiving your content on your STEEM page.
Anyways, I just wanted to give you a shout-out that you have a loyal fan here, and I will do my part to make sure the Cryptoverse is worth your time. Thanks again for what you do and I look forward to another year with you and the daily dose of news and commentary at the Cryptoverse. Happy New Year!

Please do not loose your structure in the channel. What I enjoy most about The Cryptoverse is the structure and not too long videos.

Crypto is hot right now. You could literally shit in a box and call it the next coin, and you could make money. Just start the channel bro if you want. Don't be scared. Just jump ni

I've been looking for a crypto podcast. Going to check yours out. Much easier for me to listen than it is to watch youTube during the work week.

Good post

Very helpful

Great Work Sir, got good insights. thank you
Please take my vote


chasing targets early in the year

Chris, I have been following your channel on youtube or over a year and I find your content extremely useful.
However the thing that irritates me the most is your intro.
Watch how Box Mining rips though his agenda and then just gets on with it. If one is following a channel on a regular basis, it gets a bit monotonous to listen to 1.5 minutes of intro of which 50% is the same as last time.
Anyway keep up the good work and trim the intro a bit if you can bear to.

I started in this because of you in the summer of 2016 so thanks! I like your content in all its variations so keep it coming. I think other have got higher growth because of the alt coin pump with no short-term fundamentals. They have been right so they continue to get followers. One thing I do miss from you is your daily market round-up. Maybe you can incorporate that into your weekly stream.

My happy for you is that you are a man of yourself.if it is other people they will try to imitate them and this will only lead you to competition and frustration.thanks for choosing to be yourself ,i have been following your channels and if am to say ,you are really keep it up .

Well i am into steemit for the money, I don't have not pen talent but if curating will give an inch why not. I am happy for you guys that have made it in the crypto world.