What To Do When Crypto Prices Crash Like Today

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Story - What to do when markets crash

I really don’t like days like today.
Not because I lose money or because prices drop, but because talking about it gets in the way of the more meaningful stuff I want to talk about.

In general I’m a future oriented person. My mind is naturally calibrated to look way down the road at where things are heading.
This is no doubt why I became so attracted to computers when I was a kid, web design and online marketing at the start of my career and then Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Dips in the market are short term events, they are disposable, tomorrow it will be old news, so investing my precious time talking about it just never feels like a good return on investment for me.
Price matters but I’d rather talk about the future of the industry and where the solid projects are heading and how that will ensure long term price increases.

But I’m a special breed, or a freak, whichever way you want to put it.

Plus I’ve largely mastered my emotions when it comes to trading and investing so if it were just me it’s easy to ignore days like this and carry on with my work.
But it’s not just about my, I’m also here to serve, which is why I am going to talk about the short term price movements, even though I don’t want to.
Today I’m going to offer you a strategy which will enable you to take advantage of the opportunities that are afforded on days like today.

You can’t guess the bottom but you can follow a repeatable strategy, and that strategy is called ‘Scaling in’.
This basically means buying in when the price dips and then buying again each time is falls to a new level. This is cost averaging by in the opposite direction to how most people do it.
Dollar cost averaging is where people say “Just buy $10 of Bitcoin every week no matter what.”

That works because some days you buy Bitcoin high, sometimes low, but that consistency means you buy at a better average price over the long term.

Scaling in uses the same principle, but here we are talking in shorter time frames and in the opposite direction, when the price is falling.

Let’s use Dash as an example.
Today Dash opened at $928.
Say our first buy was at $900, say we expect it to bounce off that because its a round number.

Then it falls to $850, we buy the same amount again.
Then it falls to $800, we buy the same amount again.
The same at $750.
Dash hit a low here of $723 then started to turn around.

Those 4 buys work out to an average buy price of $825, so when Dash returns to it’s normal level above $1,000, we got in a very decent price but without having to guess the absolute bottom.
This strategy has the highest probability of success with a large cap coin.

A large cap coin means a large group of people had faith in it before and will likely again.
Even if it’s not a large group of people, at least a large pool of capital got behind it.

Barring any fundamental flaw with the project, those people will likely return once they have confidence.

We know this price drop wasn’t a problem with the Dash project, because the same thing happened on...

The Bitcoin Cash chart
The Bitcoin Chart
The Ethereum Chart
And so on.

In order to follow this strategy you have to a strong belief that:
The cryptocurrency market as a whole is going to recover from the price drops

The specific cryptocurrency you buy is going to recover
And most importantly, this strong belief should not come from blind faith or from anything some random YouTuber says to you, but from your own understanding.

If you don’t understand WHY the price will recover, this strategy is probably not for you.

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I like how even keel you stay no matter what the market is doing. It is funny see how much panic there is when it drops 20-30%, ignoring the fact last years returns were 10x, 20x, 30x+ for most of the major coins.

Yes - rookie mistakes. These people will either learn or get out of these types of investments.

it is like everything is on sale today, I just wish I have more money to buy, because I am sure the market will comeback, every january we see the same pattern at the bottom, and it allways comes back, I am sure that by the end of the month we will see all time highs once again., it is not the first time a correction like this happens and it will not be the last.

Exactly. It sucks missing out on these sales. Such is life.

HODL is the prophecy

Great advice Chris and I agree that dollar cost averaging is the safest investment strategy to use. Also days like today are the reason why it is so important to never invest more then you are willing to lose, otherwise drops like this can be overly stressful if you aren't willing to take the potential losses.

Good advice.

You're absolutely right. Scaling in is a great thing to do when the market is like this. If I believed in a project when it was running high, I certainly wish to increase my position and scale in when dips like this present themselves!

Its this kind of dips that make the market intresting
the smart increase weath like this

This dip is not timed right for me, dang it. I don't have any fiat to spend! Good luck to the rest of you on your trades.

This factor points out a benefit of being diversified in the market. When there is a general market dip like this, and you have multiple coins, then some pairs might still be attractive trades, even without putting in any new money.

I have multiple coins, but they are all down:(

I just deposited some money into the exchange and will try to use the method of scaling in if the market is still low. Thanks for the good advice.
P.s I love Dash too

Hey man, great video. Really enjoyed it and did basically the same move today myself.


I am a newbie as far as crytocurrency and my son is the one who suggested I make an investment in crypto. But the wise guy that he is told me only to invest as much as I was willing to lose and to hold on tight as there was going to be hills and valleys. Today just happens to be a valley the hill is just around the corner.

You just opened my eyes to a few things I didn't realize before. Thank you.

good video, I been dollar cost averaging in on bitcoin since the dip started.

Sit back, relax and HODL on!

Me personaly, Im happy :D I love discounts.
Newbies with weak hands are gonna get out, Wallstreet futures contracts are gonna close and start new bull run. Im 99.9% sure that will happen.

Congratulations on YouTube subscribers exceeding 40,000!!!

Days like today are a good reminder of why it's important to have some liquid money in the sidelines; you can't buy something on sale if you don't have the dough.

These days are also a good reminder that you might need a vacation. Some place fun, maybe warmer too.

Great video sir thanks for sharing

Great video today as always @marketingmonk! I really like how you talked about scaling in too. Thanks for sharing some strategies to help us in these days of HODLing. Keep up the awesome work.

Then i will punish my mobile and put it down for. One day

Dollar Cost Averaging is a similar approach to the strategy you propose today. Take your total investment strategy and spread it over a timeline to mitigate the volatility risk, this way you don't go all-in on a spike, but spread over time.

For example, 6-8 weeks with a weekly buy in. $8,000 investment purse purchased weekly at $1,000 per week will spread your risk across the volatility. You can accelerate the buy-in during down trends to take a small benefit from the market movement.

Today's video illustrates perfectly why I am so enthused about taking your Trading Course. So educational, so practical. You explain all aspects of trading so that it makes sense to the novice like me. Thanks!

Always good to hear a calm steady voice of reason in times of madness and stupidity!

What to do ?! Rebuy, HODl and get a boner :D What else ?!

Very pertinent post! Need to maintain cool and look for the longer term. Continue doing homework and opportunities will come at good prices. I would suggest also staying in larger cap assets at this point. They should be the first to stabilize and lead the market.

Hi @marketingmonk! I saw you included True Flip in your list of “offers” together with Bitcoin and EOS.
That took my attention, do you see a bright future for that token? Any research that you can share?

I participated in the ICO and have been watching them ever since. One of the best behaved companies I have seen in the space.

distractions help a lot if your a hodler

I think that anyone who is with cryptocurrencies must learn to make the trade and be an investor because they must invest in many new projects to be able to win. Always have a little in everything. We must investigate in future ICOS that have a good future so that when we leave we have good profits.

Greetings from VENEZUELA I hope we can continue reading

As usual, great insight. Thanks Chris! I find the info you provide each day essential in my quest to try and “keep up” with all the crypto market activity. In addition to a scaling strategy, for the long term holders out there, I recommend a periodic rebalancing strategy among your favorite assets. Chris, do you employ this type of strategy? Looks like some good buys out there now! HODL on!

I really do like that approach. Gives me the opportunity to not miss the downtrend