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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein

Thanks for the interview! It was really fascinating and refreshing listening to Eric's ideas. It's crazy to here how behind Silicon Valley is but I can see how crypto could kinda put a kink into the direction they're going.

Very interesting conversation. Eric really knows what he's talking about.
I'm curious to know what PayPal is planning on doing to prevent becoming obsolete when blockchain and cryptocurrency become massively adopted.


Spock looking at Jim. At being told people are buying bitcoin on credit. " That's fascinating Jim".

Never underestimate the stupidity of credit junkies.

Nice interview Chris. Thanks for sharing.

Great content! I did not know a lot if this back story to PayPal but definitely see the similarity with the Crypto space now. Lots of opportunities do exist!

Anda sangat pandai steemit membimbing kita dan berbagi master

I shall follow you

I enjoy your show, glad to find you on Steemit. Followed

Info yang sangat bagus, saya menantikan yang selanjutnya

Steemit is the future. Bring them on!

New Market Updates

Technical Price Analysis

  1. Verge 2. Steem 3. Nem 4. XLM 5. Bitshares 6. XEM 7. EOS 8. Bitcoin 9. TRX 10. Cardano ADA


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he has very cool news


Yah ,he really does

I think you'll be one of my idol on steemian community... I am watching you :) ... Keep going. Thanks for sharing. Best.

Can steem dollar be sent through paypal


I think that's a good idea! Sadly no.


Just a thought

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Great interview, job well done

Great share. I liked it.
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Any improvement on Paypal is a needed one so I for one shall be listening to the full video interview.

I love what you are doing on your steemit :D thank you for everything, going to check out this video aswell! ;)

Chris, what do you think about SONM project. I think this project is a Sleeping Giant.

i learnt paxful now accept steemit,i need expert confirmation of these.

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Awesome let's us grow together and make steemit reach great height

Nice interview bro.
Thanks for sharing. Never underestimate the stupidity of credit junkies. I am supporter.
Nice job

Paypal getting crown taken in near future by raiblocks. 100% garantee. Hats down to you mate.

The amazing and awesome interview of Eric Jackson
it's a great interview thanks for sharing @marketingmonk.

I agree that it is a sleeping giant

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you are best

totally agree with you. nice ideas.

Great interview. I'm relatively new to your channel, but I think this is what you do best.

Thank You for sharing such a niche post!

Wow!! I'm new here...But i believe there's no missing out in opportunities...

It's an honored to be here being one of the #Steemit Families

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