Will Dave Rubin & Jordan Peterson Leave Patreon For Bitcoin?

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I have a ton of content to give you today including

  1. Update on Lightning
  2. Potentially a new hardware wallet from Ledger
  3. Ethfinex moving away from Amazon hosting
  4. An update on proof of keys
  5. And free speech influencers now considering BTC as a solution to their big payment problems

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The basic psychology of humans means that the crypto space needs to be as smooth, as easy and as transparent as it possibly can be to entice the masses into changing their perceptions of economic monetary systems as a whole. We all know it's easy to call an enthusiastic person to action, not so easy to persuade Mr & Mrs Bloggs that they need to be using cryptocurrencies for whatever.

The media certainly muddys the water (as usual) by printing articles that suit it's own agendas which of course are always manifold. That and the normalcy bias held by the populus en masse surely must mean that this'll be a very long, very arduous adventure. As of course has been pointed out by greater and wiser minds than mine.

Long story short, it's a bugger of a job!

Great coverage as always, Chris. Regarding the Patreon freedom of speech situation; it's very intriguing watching history unfold before our very eyes. I assume this situation will get worse before it gets any better, I can only hope we as a species can get through these growing pains with a little physical disturbance as possible.

Happy 10th birthday to Bitcoin!

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Great updates and interesting news. Thank you.

It would be good to follow-up with proof of keys. Did it flush out any bad actors.

Imagine the potential of a blockchain driven Patreon platform? I know you had mentioned something being built on Ethereum, but I wonder if SMTs on STEEM (when eventuality built) can be a great option!

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I recently wrote about this on @musing and will publish it on @steemit tomorrow.

Buying and selling using cryptocurrencies has been solid for ages and switching is easy. The challenge is educating people who dont use cryptos how to set up wallets, store private keys etc. However we have the likes of you Chris to help them!!

A couple of other guys I follow have also been complaining about Patreon. are you looking at alternatives too?

I've also emailed Dave Rubin team, and got their response. So if my dialog with them continue, I will advise them your services.

Thanks for sharing.

There is probably an inherent "issue" with LN. someone starts a node, opens a channel or two and can't receive anything until someone opens a channel To them as I tried to pay you before and couldn't so I had to get a channel opened so you could have some inbound liquidity.

Your welcome for the 1p btw

Happy Birthday Bitcoin!!