The Central Bankers Are Helpless in their Fight to Avert Economic Slowdown.

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Today I look at the latest developments in the Central Banking world as the People's Bank of China cut interest rates again in a bid to try and stop the Chinese economy from slowing down. I note that Central Banks are not all-powerful and that even though they can try to do delay business or economic cycles at the end of the day they cannot stop them.

Other Central Banks like the Fed and the ECB are also in a desperate fight to try and avert the inevitable economic slowdown but hey will not succeed either.

I conclude my report by looking at the early futures market action from London.

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Thanks again, Maneco64. Yes, Chris Martenson, is for-real. I once told my Brother, to listen to Chris Martenson, that he can explain what I have been trying to explain for two years, in thirty minutes.

The Chinese seem to be doing alright as the China Market was up and the US Futures are at RECORD HIGH........lets jail the Banksters

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