The Hubris of Central Bankers.

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In this report, from London on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 I look into the institution of Central Banking and how we could do very well without them.

I look into an article in the Economist magazine calling for Central Bankers to forget about controlling the general price level or as they call it inflation. According to the Economist Central Banks should just focus on GDP and create money and credit out of thin air in order to keep the GDP growth going.

I also look at how the BIS or the Bank for International Settlements which operates as the bank for the Central Banks is actually advertising for various job openings in the Economist magazine. One of the positions is for Head of Communications which is more like Head of Propaganda I would say.

My conclusion is that even though the odds of these institutions disappearing from the face of the earth we need to keep exposing their fraudulent nature and how they have been behind all the major wars of the last century and all the major financial crises.

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I think communications / marketing / propaganda all are used by corporations to better implement their systems of control onto populations. One of the best examples, the car insurance industry.