Knocking Facebook on Twitter: Let's Get Their Attention To Steem & get [@oracle-d tasks] support

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Friends, how are you? Of course you are very good. You all know that once again, shared a task between us, whether we are doing our duty and our responsibilities, you will participate in this competition right now and of course you must fulfill your responsibility.

Go ahead and what do you think of #steem you give him the correct answer and what I have to do to give you below.

So let's go and support steem....


You must do that...

Here's the link to Ted Cruz's tweet:

Here's the link to Elizabeth Warren's tweet:

Link to @SteemNetwork's response to Ted Cruz:

Link to @SteemNetwork's response to Elizabeth Warren:

Some important rules...

Like and Retweet @SteemNetwork's Tweets shared in the above section.
Reply to or address your tweet to Ted's ( or Elizabeth's ( Tweets by posting the image shared in the "GOALS" section. While replying, also write a caption about how STEEM Blockchain is perfect for FREE SPEECH Enthusiasts and how it is censorship resistant.

Must use this tag your blog vlog anywhere..

#STEEM #CensorshipResistant #FreedomOfSpeech

If you not understand please read this post hopefully you understand...

Check this original link... @oracle-d tasks

Thank you very much everyone...

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