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RE: Comparing Steem To Facebook’s Blockchain Libra With Andrarchy

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Libra is not decentralized, not publicly auditable, not cryptographically verifiable. It runs on a questionable platform that never created it's own content and censors people. It has the backing of corporations who would love to make you pay for any and everything. I hope people can see through this.


From your comment I get the same vibes with Ripple/XRP. Which, while it may have a place and purpose for some people, is not a cryptocurrency. I'm down for all of these things Facebook is doing to get people more used to digital currencies and how they work. I haven't even looked into Libra to see if it is a public open source thing or what it is, but if Facebook "owns" the chain and is controlling it, then it is no different than a Paypal or Cashapp for themselves.

That's what I say, look at it as an educational opportunity to involve those who'd otherwise have no interest in crypto's, it will help mainstream crypto's, which I then think will make all crypto's more valuable commodity over the long run.

Why would I want to trust Facebook with anything? Facebook is done nothing but violate everybody's trust, and there's no way but they are going to earn it back.

You are unfortunately in a minority of people, if you weren't FB would have sunk by now. People have become immune to being spied on and tracked on the internet.

Yeah agreed, they're too far gone

There will always be the mainstream folks that move through life with blinders on, they could care less about the issues of less than one percent of the population, if they can find a way to earn enough to buy a new toaster, diapers, clothes, etc., they will move forward with it, it will have a completely different function then Steemit, Steemit will always attract the intellectual crowd and those facing increasing stern censorship.

The people of facebook who have never heard of blockchain won't see through it at least not at first. People still think DLive runs on the blockchain because PewDiePie thought so

He will real in names but for the management, the group have a buy-in of 10 million to join the board of Libra which will slightly run as arm's length company I think called Calibra, Facebook is already under the sights of Governments for data protection, it's a powerful tool the use and who uses the data. FaceBook knows that it's got to seize the future or die, they know if they don't try and be the latetest thing they will end up being myspace. So I do agree with both of you.

Yeah at the very end we can at least hope it just gives Steemit and other blockchain platforms a huge boost