IF BEAUTY TRENDS GOT WEIRD || Weird comedy by 5-Minute FUN

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Beauty trends are strange as they are. But what if they got REALLY WEIRD?
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Weird beauty trends:
0:01 Girl likes to put eyelashes in her nose
0:16 Fish as a house pet
0:29 Trends for blackouts
0:42 Beautiful bruises
1:10 Dirty nails
1:16 Wet armpits
1:27 Two bras
1:39 Two makeups
2:05 No teeth
2:10 Forehead zit
2:22 Socks on girls ears
2:30 Beautifull girl
2:46 Bald girl

2:55 Bloopers

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Which of those trends would you dare to try? Answer in the comments!

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