Tutorial: What is Actifit? - A blocktrades sponsored contest.

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What's up Dtubers,

Welcome to my Dtube channel. Here's my participation entry of Tutorial: What is Actifit? - A blocktrades sponsored contest.

Actifit is a most popular Dapp built on the Steem blockchain, giving rewards to our fitness and healthy categories. They try to verify health and quality of life of an individual. Actifit is a perfect DApp for improve everyone’s good health against diseases. Actifit is a great tracker for counting users activity. It’s innovative DApp.

Before you start actifit you must need to STEEM account. You want to smart mobile phone then want to install Actifit app from google play stotre or APP store. Once downloaded from Actifit, You can select post to steem your fitness activities using steem posting key. Then you have options.


  1. You can select maximize AFIT token earnings or not
  2. Activity type- basketball, cycling, cricket, dancing, gardening, hiking, jogging etc…
  3. Track measurements –hieght/ weight/ body fat etc..
  4. Report tags- fitness/ activities etc..
  5. Description and instert image and then post to steem button

Actifit has given big opportunities to develop your fitness and health category through their rewarding. Actifit helping to grow the actifit account to reward physical activity. Actifit tracks and rewards your activity with Actifit (AFIT) tokens, but also steem rewards through upvotes of your posts. You can improve your daily count and big chance to increase your reward and fit body from different kind of activities.
These days I’m glad to participate to actifit activities via daily push-ups. Now I’m feeling my body being fully fit. If your body being better your mind also be better. Finally your works will be success.

How to contact Actifit?
Website Link: https://actifit.io/
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/aHtcA6r
Steemit ID: https://steemit.com/@actifit

Thank you for listening. See you soon.

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