Znap#8- How I Made More Money from Steem Blockchain?

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Hello fellow Dtubers,

Good morning everyone. I feel I'm a succeed steemian coz I earned more money from this platform. Also I will be billionaire in future using steem blockchain. For be succeed I followed some factors of my life. I studied much about positive mind. So I came to steem platform for find success and others success. This is a #znap video. So I managed my time with giving summery. 3 minutes not enough to explain much better my topic. So I talk only reasons. If you not clear me I write down what about seven factors.

  1. Be Patience.
  2. Keep Long term vision
  3. Always learn from every steemians.
  4. Be Active in Steem blockchain everyday.
  5. Engagement
  6. Create contents everyday.
  7. Followed and consider my plans every single day night time.

I know probably you have different ways. I followed above reasons and in future I'll add something if you give some advance. I hope every Dtubres believe our blockchain and don't leave from here. The future will be good.

Thank you for watching. Happy Weekend.

Keep Steeming
**Happy Dtubing.

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indeed bro..even me it brings more changes on my lifestyle specialy on finacial ways..steem blockchain realy helps alot.

such a great video and advice brother..

Yep...I agreed. Last year I changed my lifestyle lot using profits.
Thanks your nice words bro.

same here brother :)

Your welcome.

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interesting friend recipe and very good recommendations to follow that path. Here for the Hispanic community is not as easy as it seems to the majority especially Venezuelans have a hard time winning steem with its contents. But you have given a guide and you can put it into practice.


Yep friend I know some of few countries kept some regulations for earn Steem like your state. But if your mind be positive sure you can win. Difficulties show best guidance paths for create opportunities.

Well wise advises brother and yeah with the points stated each has its own benefits and if the things are properly implemented than we sure will see something good for user.

Hope you get to get much more financial stability and get to like the work more in here !!


Thanks your nice feedback brother. Share our experience with each others better thing for grow community.

Great video watching my favorite friend and I hope your video will be encouraged newcomers . Many user will benefit your video. Thank you for doing this video


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Thank you very much.

Great advices i wish you more of success in your life

Thanks your kind words.

you are welcome :)

Good morning sir.Thanks for giving this kind of advice. I liked the way of you The way you have succeeded by using 7 success keys, I too will try to get rid of my life.Yes, you said right, you are a good coach. Because the way you told me my mistakes and gave me an opportunity to improve it, this coach can only do it.


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Good morning too @cruis. Thanks your kind recommend. Yes you can do it and I want to see your success also. Mistakes given big ability to make good thing.

Thank you for the video and explanation that you gave. That is very useful for me. I also want to be successful on the blockchain. Have a nice day.

Have a nice day too. I'm glad very useful to you my explain. Go ahead.

Oh beautiful thing your shared video is excellent

Thanks your supporting always friend.

Welcome brother go ahead with @dtube

Of course I appreciate your point of view
We can more successful on steem blockchain by following your interaction.
According to my opinion three things are most necessary
1-daily activities and uploading one content each day.
2-learn everyday from other steemains who is working hard on this platform.
3-keep long term vision.no one can become billionaire just one day. As you know it is not easy to grow up mustard plant on palm.

Thank you my brother @madushanka for your great concept.

You caught my point better. But I want add something.

1-daily activities and uploading one content each day.

There're more Dapps communities in steem blockchain. We can make one content each Dapps what will like you. Yep...You've best vision for your future. Cheers.

Your points are so true @madushanka ... My favorite is long term don't sell your Steem in this bear market... Thanks for sharing.


You're welcome and go ahead.

Thank sir @madushanka I learned a lot to your blog..🙂

Glad you leaned something my vlog.