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Welcome to my YouTube channel. Here's my review about Basic attention token @oracle-d.tasks and @dapplovers arranged contest. Their goal Promote and review any featured DApp listed on state of the Dapps.


What’s Basic attention token?

The Basic Attention Token is a token for a blockchain-based advertising platform built up based on Ethereum blockchain. The project combines a with Brave web browser. This is a decentralized online advertising platform. The BAT projects hopes to improve online advertising by cutting out third party ad exchanges create an ad exchange marketplace which will connect the advertisers, publishers, and users. One of side Advertisers pay with BAT and other side publishers and users earn with BAT token.

How to get started BAT?


Both android and desktop users can join with Bat. Visit the Brave web page and download the Brave browser from the android device or pc. Open the browser and you can click enable Brave rewards for receive free BAT tokens. Also there some of options created to take rewards. You can share your referral link to join your friend. If he’ll join with BAT you’ll receive extra reward. BAT already listed on Coinmarketcap.



Main components of BAT

The BAT platform has many components. I give some.

  1. Analytics dashboard
  2. Reward system
  3. Attention measurement
  4. User friendly interface
  5. Blocked add and trackers
  6. User attention
  7. Transparent and Decentralized

Advantages using BAT

  1. protecting user privacy
  2. Reducing advertisement scams and frauds
  3. Much faster digital advertising platform.
  4. Related to ad networks
  5. Rewards users, publishers, and advertisers.
  6. Save our valuable money with data usage savings and save battery life of your phone.

My Conclusion about BAT.

I used some of web browsers. But this was much faster. So BAT is perfect answer for super faster digital advertising experience than other platforms. User browsing data can keep private. So BAT is top secure than others. So if you’re like to join digital ad ecosystem BAT is a brilliant place for join to you.

I give 4 star rating for BAT because I have faster experience there.


Check out BAT:


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I also use BRAVE!

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I've just started using Brave...