The Awareness & Engagement contest - My Entry.

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my channel. 4 days ago, our fellow dtuber @jeronimorubio started a running Contest with asking three questions about

  1. What do you like about the new @dtube 0.9?
  2. What feature of @dtube made you say wow?
  3. What has @dtube done for you?

Please check out my response given to @jeronimorubio.

Thanks for watching. Have a Successful day!

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I really enjoy the video sharing option on dtube, being able to easily post from youtube/vimeo/facebook/etc is making my life so much easier and saving me a ton of downloading time! So many great things happening at dtube its impossible to name them all! Thanks for sharing this video and helping to spread awareness about dtube :0)

Yeah exactly right. Thanks your understanding about new chain.

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We mostly feel a similar thing about dtube. Great to hear from you. :)

Yeah... We have see those common features about thanks.

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