Tutorial: What is SteemPress? - A blocktrades sponsored contest

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What's up Dtubers,

Welcome to my Dtube channel. Here's my participation entry of Tutorial: What is SteemPress? - A blocktrades sponsored contest.

The purpose of this contest is to encourage Steemians to create a video speaking about how SteemPress works, what is its purpose, its role on our Blockchain and in your own words, why is SteemPress is one of the best Blockchain DApps out there.


Steem blockchain provided SteemPress DApp for bloggers and adoption is growing fast. SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that connects any blog to the Steem blockchain. SteemPress automatically handle the conversion from wordpress's html code into steemit's translation. You won't need to make the extra edit. The plugin will cover your post.

Advantages- using SteemPress App.

  1. Multiple account support on Steem
  2. Facility to Automatic, optional and Bulk blogging.
  3. Set Automatic self-vote option
  4. SteemPress allow you to do is to write your post in the WordPress editor, making formatting your text easier, and then convert the HTML to markdown for you.
  5. SteemPress saves you the golden time.
  6. SteemPress can introduce regular WordPress authors to the marvels of Steem.

Get started with SteemPress?

You need to steem account, get started with SteemPress.
Once your Steemit account is created, you will need to configure the Steempress plugin on WordPress.
After installed, you can find the Steempress configuration page under Settings.


Then you can provide your steem username and private posting key. Finally you reach Steem account.

I give 5 start ratings to SteemPress Dapp because it’s really important app to share our contents on both WordPress and SteemPress parties.
My conclusion is SteemPress will ready to steem mass adoption.

You can find more information through below links of social medias.

Steemit name : https://steemit.com/@steempress
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/W2KyAbm
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/steempressio
Web: https://wordpress.org/plugins/steempress/

If you have hope to participate this contest, please read rules and guidelines via below link.


Thank you for watching.

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