10 Steem giveaway contest- Please show your best process how you attend to clean our planet.

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Hello Dtubers,

If you're my follower you already know I started give away contest two weeks ago. But couldn't attended anymore. So I decided to give easy task for everyone of my next give away contest. Contest starting after the post this vlog.

I'm really nature lover and I try to protect our planet always and I give my best initiative to my country. So this time I thought to give away through clean planet process. I want to see how you love to nature and how you clean planet from Dtube video. I'll give 10 steem for first three winners who'll show perfect initiative to cleanplanet project.

First place- 5 steem
Second Place- 3 steem
Third Place- 2 steem

Rules and Conditions below.

  1. You must need to my follower.
  2. You need to upvote this post.
  3. You need to resteem this post for see more peoples to participate valuable project.
  4. You need to create Dtube vlog for show your cleanplanet process to encourage others and your voice record definitely insert your video. If not I will not consider your video.
  5. Clearly showing how you put collected every non decaying items to public dustbin or trash can.
  6. Use both hash tag #cleanplanet and #cleanplanet-contest. You have freedom for select other tags.

After make content you need to give your video link to below comment section. It's very easy way to find every contents. Contest will over 30th January 0.00 at Sri Lankan Time zone. You have seven days for show your best talent to us. Hurry up guys.

PS: If you already did it again you need to show refresh one.

Happy Dtubing.

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I always said that its the best way to show love with our planet.

This kind of contests should be run on steem so that poeple could earn steem while making their planet clean.

Thank you for this contest.
Thumbs up.

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Yep...I believe my contest encourage steemians to clean planet.

Very nice initiative and yeah after all Nature is indeed that we should protect in every way possible.


Thanks your resteeming @rehan12.

Good luck with your new project, friend.

Thank you and hope you'll participate if you're interesting.

No.. Hhh. just let the others follow.

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Great Initiative my friend. Support your initiative and resteem it.

Thanks your resteem friend.

This is a very nice bro @madushanka and I support it. Resteemed for more audience.

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Thanks for resteem friend.

nice upvoted and resteemed

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Thanks. And you have ability to participate.

I do my part but unfortunately i cannot participate as i am having a little bit of a rough month with data

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so uploading videos are not really possible

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Incrideble idea. I try to participate this contest bro

Yeah you can do it coz you already shown your high power to cleanplanet.

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Thanks for resteem friend.

Very nice initiative.

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Thanks and hope you'll participate my contest with following guidelines.

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Thanks for resteem.