Breaking Out Of The Cancerous Divide and Conquer Matrix

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news with G. Edward Griffin on the greater divide and conquer agenda, cancer, solutions, censorship, control of new media, red pill, distractions, federal reserve, George Soros, bankers and more in this jam-packed 22min interview. Share it if you enjoy it.

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Ed Griffin is always a wealth of information. Through some 10 interviews I've done with him to going for dinner with him on multiple occasions, the man is about as passionate as anyone I've ever seen and he's 86 this November. Incredible.

worked for me, great video! It feels good to be apart of the movement ;)

DTube seems to be slow for the first few minutes until the videos copy to all of the gateway servers.

I agree .

If Ed Griffin is right about the cause of cancer, then how come that in many cases it can be "cured" by removing the tumour. If it is a nutrition issue it should affect the whole body and not just one or two spots. There is something not right, or at least missing in his reasoning.

i think it is because it is not entirely nutrition. tho it seems b17 actually kills cancer (found in fruit seeds, bible even says to eat the seeds, the whole fruit), seems better to get at the root cause.

the root cause, as far as i can tell, is how we use our minds. when we harbor resentment, anger, revenge... all those bad feelings... when we hold on to them (if we let them pass thru us, because they will arise, if we let them pass then there is no ill effect, it seems it is only if we hold on to them) so when we hold on to them they get locked away in our body. different parts of the body hold the different emotional strains.

this article takes a less spiritual approach to how anger is stored in the body.

remember, cancer is simply cells dividing without respect to the whole. to me, it makes perfect sense this is caused by an energy disturbance.

so you can remove the problem, but in the end it would probably come back if there is not a shift in approach to life, and often there is in cancer survivors.

but what did you hear about ANRY?

we are the change!!!! I love the fact that so many people are waking up!!

we are the change we are waiting for. love you people <3

Me too! Awesome to witness, right.

yes, awesome to witness!!!

Yes , people can make the change .. unless we wake up .. we are in for a long traumatic coma !!!

We are the change , we are the future , we are the aliens who traveled through time machine , #peaceout

G. Edward Griffin is one of my heroes!!

The Creature from Jekyll Island was one of the first books I ever read as I started on my Truth journey back in 1999. God Bless!

What an awesome book that is . I read that too✌🏽✌🏽

Yea, will be watching that now

Please tell Luke that he looks like my younger brother, please. Thanks bunches.

I haven't been able to watch any videos on dtube for days, not just yours, none of the links I've tried are working.

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thanks for sharing, this is the best source of referrals from a physician specializing in cancer diagnosis. @lukewearechange

It is need of the time. Nice post @lukewearechange

This post is very build, good work, thanks for sharing for all

Yo Luke.
-Ignorance Isnt Bliss

Great fact thanks for sharing.

Great interview, thank you for all you do. Keep going!

This awesome video is uploaded in WeAreChange youtube channel. And they always provide best stuff indeed.

Dtube link doesn't appear to work, so can't comment about the video. YouTube link posted by luke, does however function correctly.

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This guy is incredibly smart. I wish to hear a lot of wisdom from him.

Sharing this article in my post about Portland. Thanks.

the biggest limiter to our freedom is government itself with all its order followers!

Red pill university really? Interesting. Is there a Blue pill university?

b17 kills cancer. laetrile is a concentrated form. only those with zero chance of survival seem to find it, but of those like 20% are cured.

but you can get it now, by eating fruits and the seeds. search for sources of b17 and start eating them for your health!

here is a short video about it:

here is a long video about it:

could not watch the video here ;( so hope this is new information since i don't see any mention of b17. peace.

G. Edward Griffin has been around awhile. Love!

Luke! Your mom told you world secrets too? So cool!

Great video as always! Ed Griffin is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration. I will be eating more seeds from now on thats for sure. Keep it coming :)

Upvoted, re$teemed & following! Luke resembles my younger brother.

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