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RE: What Are The Akashic Records And Why Do They Matter?

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I'm glad to have stumbled upon your post. It's great to see people like you talk about these things here on Steem and DTube.

I have been exploring things like the Akashic Records for a few years now, and from studying different fields of the spiritual life and from personal experience, I find this 'universal library' as you nicely call it to be the foundation of all wisdom and truth. It is hard to come up with a precise definition for it, especially since its nature is beyond our reach - our consciousness is lower than that needed to fully grasp it - but I feel like you have really shared your views on it neatly and was able to outline not only what it is but also showcase the struggle that comes with trying to comprehend such things.

Your being shines through the lens of your camera, and your lively attitude encompasses many vital traits - humility, acceptance, kindness - all of which are evident in this video. I just wanted to point this out as not only was the content you produced excellent, but the way in which you presented it all was also top notch!

If you have some time and are interested, I invite you over to my blog where I post articles on topics I think you might be interested in; I try to blend a simplified explanation of spirituality and life with my own experiences to hopefully inspire and help others. Here you can find an introduction post to my new article series that I am going to be working on for the summer.

Thanks for sharing with us all.



Thank you so muchhhh for the kind words!! I really appreciate it.

You are welcome! Keep up the good work and keep doing you!

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