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Greetings great steemians, my name is Lucky Spark, though I write basically on relationship matters and life challenges, but today I can't help than to write about science on the new discovery about kangaroos. I saw two videos on facebook on 8th of July 2018, and I have been following up to know more about it and the reason behind the kangaroos misbehaviour.

Two videos of affected kangaroos were shared on facebook on the above date by a representative of Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release, a wildlife rescue nonprofit in Victoria, Australia. In the first clip of the video, which the writer described as "QUITE DISTRESSING TO WATCH" and the worst example of phalaris poisoning that they had ever seen a kangaroo demonstrated erratic behavior that was characteristic of phalaris toxicity.

Further research was made, on what exactly is causing their bizarre, tipsy behavior of those kangaroos? Because Recent footage shows the unsteady kangaroos, their heads wobbling and shaking; they lurch sideways, barely able to hop; they precariously sway in place and even topple over. And today I found an answer to my question.

The explanation for their unusual behavior is a grim one: They were apparently poisoned by Phalaris grass also known as canary grass a genus of pasture grasses that is highly toxic to the large marsupials, the Guardian explained.

Their ears are flat, they have quite a blank, confused/dazed look about them," the rescuer wrote. "And then sadly you can see how they lose their ability to hop." In fact, the kangaroo was so addled and incapacitated that a team of rescuers could not subdue it safely, and it had to be euthanized, according to the post.


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