Ayocunle - composition played by Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe in Arad - on 20th of June 2015

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Looking back in Time it's nice to find some cool memories that happened during our Tribe tours.

Here's a glimpse of a tour that we had in the Past with our Tribe.

A composition played live at a festival in Arad

Tribe members were:

Lucian Nagy - Composer | Tenor Saxophone
Gabriel Rosati - Flugelhorn
Sebastian Spanache - Piano
Johann Berby - Bass
Csabi Pusztai - drums
Steve Brookfield - sound engineer

20th of June 2015 in Arad @ American Music Festival in Arad

Composed and arranged by Lucian Nagy. All copyrights reserved

PS: Wondering if @dtube is watching/listening my art/music creations :-)

Regards to you all steemians

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Arad , where is it ,Israel ?

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Shalom @allisgood

same city name but the one in Romania

שלום וברכה peace and blessings
Please Let me know when are you coming to Tel Aviv ;) I would like to come and hear you play

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Checkout soon my website and you'll see my schedule ... i'll update the next concert dates

Keep in touch

Baruh Hanimta @allisgood


You're a tv/cinema producer?


Feel free to checkout my pages ... i'm composing/recording as well for theatre/film industry


It will be quite funny if we end up working together :)

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Toda Raba

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Keep posting to dtube, sometimes it takes a bit to get noticed. Also like I mentioned today maybe do an introduction post, and make sure you upload new content to be fair to dtube platform they don't like old videos...those are my best recommendations. Good luck!

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