Jamaica ,Boat Bar, 7 Mile Beach

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Right on the beach front of the 7 Mile Beach in
Negril, the lovely
"Boat Bar" is located.
Famous for it's Live Reggae Music
with Joe Isaacs Band and him on the drums.
(Drummer from the famous Studio One)
Respect Joe!
Enjoy some Reggae Classics while you can
try one of my favorite drinks, the "Dutty Banana"
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Hope to pass by it when I'm down there. Where is it located? 7 miles is a long beach!

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True ;)
I would say pretty much in the middle, a little closer to Negril exit/entry direction lucy/mo bay

Cool, not far from one of the places we've book. Gonna post about that soon. Will def check it out

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Cool. Do it & have fun ;)

Nice. That’s one of the most hip and unique bars on The Beach. Bar shaped just like a boat. Have had many
Red Stripes there.
Right next to RONDEL VILLAGE.
Sweet memories. Hasn’t changed. Thanks for that post.
Respect s-irie

Yesir! You know what's up ;)
Respect Bro

IRIE Vibes man. Don't you wish you could live like this everyday?

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Yes, most definitely ;)

very nice @luca1777

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Thank you Maria