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good summary of dtube. It think there definitely is potential with the platform but with limited users, barely 1 million steemians compared to millions of youtube.

I also found with lack of censorship there is a lot more adult rated content than I had expected. If this spread it may become the downfall of dtube because content is key. Having too much porn will likely deter majority of users and it limits the audience. This is very concerning. Thanks.


Indeed, the user base is not quite to the scale of youtube but they have a definite upcoming swarm potentially headed to dtube becuase of crappy Youtube changes. I think millions will eventually find their way to Dtube for sure.

wow Duck community is so amazing that it can give the community a sense to menderngar and start a conversation.


I am not sure what you meant to say there. 🦋


even though you are not sure this is the reality, congratulations should be fun activities.