Dtube Vs. Youtube

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Is a platform fully written in Javascript, it allows user to post videos and watch videos. And users can earn money in there videos by upvoting the videos. Dtube is decentralized platform it is powered by Steemit. So post/videos are being seen in blockchain in Steemit. Dtube videos didn't have advertisement to earn. It has a blockchain who will provide it.


As usual, we know already youtube right. Youtube is a platform that allows users to upload videos and watch videos. It can earn users also but through advertisement given by Google Adsense. It can earn users through views. So if you have a lot of views, a lot of money also.


For me, Dtube is more easy way for you to start in Vlogg, why? because Dtube is decentralized, you can earn even a small number of upvotes. Youtube needs a lot number of views to start earning.





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