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RE: Comparing Steem To Facebook’s Blockchain Libra With Andrarchy

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@andrarchy .... Andy pls.
Ive listened to this and ive been watching the twitter feed. Loved your work lately but heres something i think you should focus on. People might see @ned as "the man" or the 2 women right now in charge (i apologize i dont remember their names) but the truth is that youre the Voice of Steemit.

A suggestion.... Stop dissing LIBRA. (Or at least diss it but reach out to them)

Crypto is bullshit right now. MCs dont make sense. Tech isnt properly evaluated. Theres nepotism, corruption, lies yadda yadda yadda. We can talk about decentralization, privacy whatever...

There is no one you can lobby to. There is no one you can convince that STEEM>LIBRA, or STEEM>EOS or STEEM>BITCOIN.

Selling vapid crypto dogma to the echo chamber STEEM community is pointless.
Have your beliefs, picket for Julian Assange, send Hillary to jail.... but youre the voice of Steemit right now and you have to realize the opportunity youre in.

Ill just go and say it... Hide it, dont admit it, deny it but for the love of god reach out to facebook. Youre the head of marketing for the leading crypto social media platform, you have insider knowledge, you have experience. @ned reached out to JustinTron on twitter and looked silly because Justin doesnt give a damn... But Facebook just might.

Dont jump on the bandwagon because the bandwagon carries LTC, BTC, EOS, TRX, CARDANO.... and the bandwagon doesnt give a damn about some silly STEEM fighting the fight for them...


Blockchain was NOT invented to be run by the bankster kartell, it was the opposite, direct P2P deals without any middleman. LIBRA GO AND F URSELF !!

Well thats the dogma im talking about. While youre spreading what crypto should be about speculators are filling up their pockets.
Mainstream doesnt care about any of that.

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Except no one stands to gain anything from Facebook except the private companies working with Facebook and Facebook off the interest from the reserve pool they likely will not share. Regular people speculators or not will gain nothing lol so why try to make the claim

You can still do all that while believing that Steem will outperform Facebook's Libra. I think you're being really hyperbolic about this

Scott, im sorry but i dont think youre being realistic about this. Once mainstream intervenes none of these petty comparisons mean anything. Lets be realistic.... STEEM is a Chihuahua going up against a Kodiak bear.

I know youre a crypto personality (think i caught you on 0x) and you have to foster the tenants of "crypto mainstream" but its all basically crap meant to create a sense of ideology in the minds of public ("community") so they spread the word for the big investors.
Not saying its not true, just saying thats the goal.

But lets not be "ideological retards" (i coin that phrase) and lets take advantage of what is in front of us. Justin gave Warren Buffet 5 mill dollars for a dinner.

Let our "5 mill dollars" be @andrarchy and @ned knowledge of the social crypto space. Jumping on the bandwagon is easy.
Being smart with your moves is the hard part.

Yes being smart with your moves is the hard part, but this isn't about an ideological battle, we are simply pointing out that anyone who values blockchain and the motivations behind it will naturally oppose Libra as it goes against all of them. It won't compete with Steem because it's not about social media, and it will inevitably introduce blockchain to a massive fraction of the global population

But it is an ideological battle. Crypto is ideology with everything else coming in second. If we discussed this in a neutral forum you would probably agree with me, but this here is Steemit.

Our IRL views are secondary to the expectations of our Steem environment when we post here. You know this is true.

Look... Its harsh to say but people are either idiots or they are preoccupied with life. How many diapers they need to buy for their kid, what car insurance rate they will get on their car this year....
Crypto is about impoverment. Always has been. Other things are beyond secondary.
The mainstream doesnt care about hiding who they are. Hell i dont. My name is Damir Rogosic and i live in Split, Croatia in Matije Gupca Street.

Theres this illusion that this stuff matters. It doesnt. It can matter to you, it can matter to a criminal, it can matter to a guy avoiding taxes, it can matter to someone that wants to be an asshole online, it can matter to someone that is shy...
But it really doesnt matter to many people, to the mainstream... So why push the agenda of shittokens and shit privacy tokens that have close to 0 mainstream appeal????

Ride the wave. Dont be "Gdje Turci, tu i mali Mujo". (Its a croatian proverb)

No one is "pushing it" per se. We are comparing it to Facebook and anything could happen, but Facebook has been declining for a while and will continue to. I still think you're too hyperbolic about it, that's like saying trading stocks is an ideology. You're conflating just valuing or supporting something with it becoming a way of thought. I want all platforms that encourage free speech, promote transparency, and help users monetize their experience to thrive. Facebook's new blockchain won't do that or anything that decentralized blockchains represent. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. There is tons of discussion by many authorities to stop it or regulate it hard and I hope they just delay it and delay it while the world learns more and more about crypto.


Steem is never going to outperform Libra, they will continue to work as two different currencies styles as you will only be able to earn and use Libra for products and services offered on FB, you will earn tokens for clicking and viewing ad content and be able to shop with your tokens from advertisers on FB. With over two billion users don't fool yourself that Steem will outperform Libra. I can't even say how very cringeworthy it was to hear Andrarchy proclaim the status of one million users knowing full well FB has two billion, you'd thought that'd be enough to lose all credibility but no he has to go on about how FB will be set up for the benefit of stake Steemit also is, how the Steem platform is decentralized...which it isn't, how anybody can join Steemit and earn stake like some of the stakeholders...which is near impossible unless you have a natural ability to spin out high quality stuff, so there's quite a difference there as most people, especially those on FB can't do. I will lay bet that if I so choose that in less than a month I will make more Libra tokens on FB then it's taken me to earn here in over a year, just as I have also joined another platform a couple months ago and I have already earned triple tokens of what I've earned here. The thing is is that Steemit will survive just as they have survived other crypto platforms that sprung up because they each offer a different type of platform to perform on. Zuckerburg's attempt to do a Winklevoss on Steemit will have extraordinary success beyond one's wildest dreams but what he can't build with those two billion users is a high quality blockchain, over time as blockchains transform the internet Steemit will always be one step ahead of Zuckerburg in that regard.

They don't need to take it on and win, you don't earn libra from ads, you don't earn Libra at all and it's not integrated to their social network and is nothing like Steem. We are simple saying that Facebook will fail and either way Steem benefits. No one thinks Steem is "going after" Facebook

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Yes people will be able to earn crypto's to view ads and buy stuff from those ads on FB.

Zuckerberg intends to peg his currency to the US, Euro and Japanese Yen and pay the consumers of Facebook fractions >of cypto's to view ads and interacting with online shopping.

FB isn't going to fail unless they regulate it out of existence, you are under the assumption that everybody cares about the politics when in fact the majority of people simply do not care to engage on a daily basis with what's happening outside the realm of their little world. I find this quite often when something major happens as I am very politically minded and when something major happens is about the only time people actually want to hear what I have to say politically. Steem outside those who seek intellectual stimulation will not benefit much from a FB failure if one did occur, there are way more sites out there now in the crypto world that is much easier to engage on as the rules are not so stringent. I can just see it now people being flagged for making a fraction of a penny off posting their grandson's birth announcement. Get real. Over time things do get old, a new generation brings forth something more creative, exciting to engage with, in that sense one day FB may fail but I highly doubt it will be a huge advantage to Steemit as Steemit doesn't seek to draw out the average joe in participation.

A few new outlets have reported that “Facebook is also looking at paying users fractions of a coin for activities such as viewing ads and interacting with content related to online shopping, in a system similar to the loyalty schemes run by retailers,” which is very similar to what the Brave browser offers via their basic attention token $BAT. I have seen no confirmation of this anywhere, only in news articles talking about Libra prior the announcement. After searching the whitepaper, I found nothing at all mentioning this and I would deem it as speculative misinformation.

You haven't seen confirmation yet as the key words is "also looking at paying" therefore the idea is being played with, knowing Zuckerburg it will happen as it will only increase participation on his site, tons of people, including myself love those loyalty schemes, I save hundreds of dollars a year using them, as a matter of fact last week I bought four pairs of skechers sandals for half their retail price of a hundred forty bucks, that's a seventy dollar savings and well worth taking the time to clip the digital coupon for. It was a three day digital coupon sale buy one get one free. Zuckerburg has practically spent his entire adult life scheming at the expense of others, lots of people do, Steemit wanted to build a different type of platform, that's not a bad thing, I believe in the long run it will probably work out, fall into place somewhere, maybe become a blockchain search engine someday but as far as advancing the crypto sphere Zuckerburg has the connections and money and he will far outpace Steemit in crypto growth. Yes I do believe Steemit missed the opportunity to give Zuckerburg a run for his money but if that's not where they wanted to go to begin with what can I say.

The idea is being played with is also just conjecture. Those articles that said that had no sources for it being a real consideration and being there was no mention of it in the whitepaper points to it not being the case. I wouldn't hold an unsourced speculative article as an authority over Mark's statements, the whitepaper, and the all the official information put out on Libra.

So Mr. scottcbusiness, the "tube guy" knows way more than any of the tech magazines on crypto's even the one who has reportedly been known to get all the insider information. Glad we found that out so we can come to you to correct all the misinformation out there in the world on crypto's. This is how it's going to lay out...I'll bet money on it. After viewing some of the white paper content what will eventually happen is that corporations *including FB will invest in the new currency and slowly incorporate that crypto into their marketing strategies, which could up to and including FB offering fractions of a coin to view marketing content on their website which will pay off to FB in ad revenue generated for their site. The white paper thus far is basically saying how the coin will be rolled out and controlled, the fact that it establishes it will be peer to corporations to peers should tell you that the speculation has some validity as the topic comes up in the white paper as to how do you integrate crypto's into the hands of billions of people. You would have to be rather naive not to admit some of those billions of people they are talking about are at the ready of their disposal just by means of accessibility on FB, you'd also have to be rather naive not to admit that the strategy whereas they can maintain a slow, controlled un-inflationary integration into mainstream society would be to roll it out as an incentive reward program whereas there is always value maintained while the integration process proceeds, but you'd be wholly naive to believe they haven't even talked about this.