The Magic Of Creation / Festival video

in dtube •  last year

This is a video of a performance that we made several years ago with our old troupe that was called 'Circus Hoka Hey'. The troupe fell apart that year, and everyone went in different performing directions. This is an old show called 'The Magic Of Creation' that was made for Lost Theory festival 2014, that took place in Croatia. The story was about four natural elements that were drawn together by the fifth element. To me it looks quite funny as I remember it now, because our performances grew more advanced now than the one depicted here in this video. Especially the monkey moment at the end. :D Anyhow, it's colorful and interesting to watch it after a few years, so I wanted to share it here with everyone.

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Hi @loop.cirkus I like it, you are right it has cool colorful light effects! I will follow you in order to see your new more seriuos, as you say, performances!


Thank you @suzanadzelatovic! You have interesting first post, and I'll follow you back. :)