Episode 10 - Financial Freedom and Exiting the Rat Race

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Jake Desyllas is the host of The Voluntary Life, a podcast about entrepreneurship, financial independence, and freedom. In 2000, he founded Intelligent Space, an award-winning consultancy firm that led innovation in the field of pedestrian movement simulation and analysis. In 2010, he sold his business, quit the rat race, and retired early at the age of thirty-eight.

He has a bachelor’s degree, a master's degree, and a doctorate and is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship both as an effective personal liberation program that is available to everyone, and as a peaceful method of solving social problems.

2:23 - Background in Pedestrian computer modeling and simulation

4:07 - What is Pedestrian movement?

6:45 - Transitioning from University theory to becoming an Entrepreneur

10:23 - Graduated with PhD. Let’s build a business…

12:12 - Now that you control all of your time, what has changed?

12:26 - “Starting a business is the most intense personal development program you can put yourself through”

13:25 - Is entrepreneurial experience better than an MBA?

15:00 - You’ve GOT to be able to SELL. Without selling your product, you are nothing.

15:48 - Oh uh! Jake is burning through money while trying to learn how to sell and what his customers actually want

17:42 - Selling is Learning!!

19:29 - Exiting and selling his first company. What did Jake’s life change afterwards?

21:09 - Jake’s first book (and one of my favorites) “Becoming an Entrepreneur”


21:50 - “What matters is the freedom that you can experience in your own life."

22:41 - You can’t control Politics, so don’t try!

22:53 - Entrepreneurship is an “incredible force” to solve other people’s pains and problems.
24:20 - Should you try to create freedom for other people, or for yourself?

25:47 - How has being a successful entrepreneur created more freedom in your personal life?

27:02 - BecomingWhoYouAre.net. Personal development and journaling. www.becomingwhoyouare.net/

27:50 - Who is Derek Sivers? Why is he influential?

28:34 - What helped Jake take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur instead of staying in the Rat Race?


32:21 - Entrepreneurs need to be resilient and not get embarrassed easily. You need to be an optimist to be a good entrepreneur.

33:21 - Seeing “obstacles as opportunities”. It’s a state of mind.

33:45 - What is an MVP in a startup? Why is it important?

34:23 - Should you go for financing or self-fund your startup?

36:32 - HACK: Forward cash flowing planning tools. A secret for success!

40:27 - TheVoluntaryLife.com Podcast

42:03 - Jake’s contact information

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“Starting a business is the most intense personal development program you can put yourself through”

The best statement of the whole interview!


Nothing beats doing that.
It's high time people begin to realize faster that SALARIES cannot make you Rich. It can only provide your basic needs.

True Wealth is never built at the expense of collecting Salaries.


Rich Dad Poor Dad illustrates that concept perfectly.


sure does! Love that book :)


i completely agree.

Hey! Racing rats is pretty fun! Why would I want to give it up??


depends if the rats have a disease or not!

Followed! Looking forward to 2018 and escaping the rat race myself.


hell yeah! Do you have a side hustle yet?


My husband and I are buzzing through some ideas. We have three children, and a desire to do something against the ordinary to provide for them and increase our quality of life.

@libertyepodcast just the podcast i need in my life right now. Followed for more wisdom and insights!


thanks sooooo much for the nice feedback! :)

And followed to see you again. :)


awesome, thank you! We'll have some new episodes and old episodes posted on Steemit and DTube. Love the platform :)


Yah sure. You welcome


thank you so much!

I love finding new podcasts! Looking forward to following it. Sounds good.


loving having new subscribers! Thank you :)

Interesting! It would be easy to lose your mind in cryptos, always wanting more!

Escaping the Rat Race is the farthest thing from an average mind. Sadly, only a few from the majority of the population figured out


possibly true, but so many people think about working for themselves.


Less than 15% of people in different countries escape it. Many don't have an idea of what it is. They believe in working till they can't move their bones again.

Starting a business is more like a personal development agenda, finance is also very important else all those plans becomes just mere wish.
I just finished my university degree in biochemistry, though am yet to see my final results . I have some ideas on business matters but all point in having a good capital or a reliable sponsor and in this part of the world where am from, it's a big question mark to answer


do you want to be and entrepreneur?


Sure I want to.
Very much.

Most people are 'programmed' for the rat race. The desire for a preconceived successful life is what drives a lot of people to spend the best years of their lives working.


they sure are programmed for the rat race. Don't worry, gov is losing it's monopoly on schools.

Interesting podcast... Love it. Will be waiting for next episode.

wonderful...follewed to see you again again

Seguido! Esperando el 2018 y escapando de la carrera de ratas. ja


muchas gracias! follow me por favor :P

This is awesome stuff! I didn't know it exists here on Steemit! Upped, Follwed and Resteemed!
Steem on! Stay Steemed!
Love, Unity & Abundance


thx Holger!


You're welcome!
Steem on and stay Steemed!

great information @libertyepodcast
entrepreneur is the example of other peoples like all the young businees mans.
your articles are very informative.


thank you :)

Great postcast, thanks for this! upvoted


ur very welcome! Thx for listening.

the more people who have financial freedom, the higher things will cost?


nope, it means that ppl are finding better ways to use their time.

Tired of this rat race your post gives me motivation do more podcast

Really important for the financial carrier, great thanks


ur very welcome, thanks for checking it out! Make sure to follow :)

lov it Just Followed :) hopeso to in contct :) Great info

Thank you for provoking this wonderful fashion. We encourage ourselves to give examples such as success sir Jake Desyllas

Or just marry up.


lol or u can just do that

great write up !!


thank you :)

good job

This project is amazing! New rules, new contributions.

a very good post,


why thank you :)


i love to read your post a good story

Motivating the best example


haha what? #bot