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RE: Reality Check: Proof, WTC Building 7 Did Not Fall Down The Way Gov. Agency Claims

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Off-topic - but a PLEA TO BEN,

Just recently watched THEY SNATCHED HER SON!!! from @SGTReport which was about a woman who had her son taken away from CPS ("Child Protective Services") and what seems to be his subsequent sexual abuse by his newly assigned foster parents.

While it is quite difficult to fully verify and substantiate the claim, this would not surprise me at all since mountains of evidence have demonstrated countless abuses of CPS in the past.

The reason I post this is in hope of a slim possibility that Ben Swann sees it and can use his investigative journalism talents to look into this particular case.

A guy with his clout could make a world of difference here. We are talking about the safety of a precious child who, most unfortunately, is likely being abused while he should be with his mother. Just can't sit idly by and do nothing. I will try to find Ben's contact email to write to him directly as well.

We have to spread the word about these alleged abuses, as one day it could happen to us too.

God Bless.


Just contacted investigative journalist Ben Swann via is Contact Us page for site about this case and made a plea for him to investigate it.

Maybe if more of us write to him, it will catch his attention.

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