Lenin & Swarthy Show - Surprise Mystery Guest & Current Events

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I’m joined by Swarthy Immigrant, who produces a special mystery guest and we discuss current events including Sharpiegate, the Climate Change Town Hall, Joe Biden's bloody eye, Bernie's eugenics plan and the new cannibalism push.

Time stamps:
0:00: Sharpiegate, climate change, chemicals and conspiracies
23:14: Mystery guest
29:51: Climate Change Town Hall, Russiagate
36:13: Bernie's eugenics plan, cannibalism articles, moving the Overton window
42:33: Shithole cities, trans activism
1:00:56: Antifa protests anti-racism event, Daryl Davis
1:05:44: ACLU and the Down Syndrome drag queen act
1:09:47: Dave Chappelle, identitarianism vs. "melting pot"
1:21:23: The Civil War, "woke" history revision
1:30:10: Chick-fil-A protests, In-N-Out, Starbucks

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Keep up the good work brother👍 watching from Texas 🤘

Thank you!