Lenin & Swarthy Show - “Bob Mueller” Is Back & Current Events

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I’m joined by Swarthy Immigrant, who produces special guest “Bob Mueller” and we discuss his testimony and we also discuss current events including Russiagate, Trump’s Twitter battles with Democrat officials and the border crisis.

Time stamps:
0:00: “Bob Mueller” drops in
18:59: Deplorables vs establishment
22:57: Mueller and Russiagate
32:52: Trump’s tweets on Baltimore and Elijah Cummings
35:32: The Squad, Islam
42:21: Trans activism, Jessica Yaniv
47:30: Maggie Haberman doubts Trump not drinking
49:04: Back to Baltimore
53:29: Guiliani, Trump, Reagan
58:27: Supreme Court decision on Trump’s wall, electoral college
1:05:51: Bernie, crooked Democrats, Baltimore
1:19:55: Barr brings back the federal death penalty
1:23:47: Ilhan Omar, AOC
1:27:20: McCain, Obama, Clintons, Bushes
1:39:34: SNL, Democrats vs Republicans and Trump
1:47:52: Free trade
1:54:57: A$AP Rocky, Julian Assange and Tommy Robinson, mass migration and globalism
2:10:43: Climate change doomsday clock reduced to 14 months

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