Lenin & Swarthy Show - “Hasan Piker” Drops In & Current Events

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I’m joined by Swarthy Immigrant, who produces special guest “Hasan Piker” and we discuss his recent controversial statements and we also discuss Trump as the “chosen one,” his trade war with China, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne’s Russiagate revelations, Andrew McCabe being hired by CNN and more.

Time stamps:
0:00: Trump as “The Chosen One,” his trade war with China, CNN has psychiatrist call him crazy
21:21: “Hasan Piker” drops in
31:42: Swarthy news, big tech censorship and harassment of conservatives
41:06: Antifa and communism
46:22: Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne’s Russiagate revelations
56:16: Putin, Russia, Yeltsin and Bosnia
1:01:28: Andrew McCabe’s new CNN gig and the Fake News Industrial Complex
1:07:07: Bernie, Tulsi and Democrat primaries
1:10:08: David Koch death and open borders, Archie comics
1:14:15: Simpsons anti-Trump cartoon, Epstein connection, Hollyweird
1:24:46: Jeffrey Epstein mystery
1:28:42: Rainforest fires in Brazil, ancient civilizations
1:36:23: “Climate change” and globalist elites vs. Trump
1:41:12: Marianne Williamson the Orwellian fake hippie warmonger
1:48:49: RBG health issues, Democrats dividing people by race, De Blasio and New York schools

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