Lenin & Swarthy Show - "Ed Buck" Drops In & Current Events

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I’m joined by Swarthy Immigrant, who produces special guest "Ed Buck" and we discuss his recent arrest and allegations and current events including Justin Trudeau's blackface history, the Trump/Biden controversy with Ukraine, the "Climate Strike" and more.

Time stamps:
0:00: Trudeau's blackface scandal, Democrats vs. Republicans, immigration
21:53: "Ed Buck" drops in
28:19: More on Ed Buck, Bill Cosby
33:48: More on Trudeau and blackface, Will Smith in blueface
42:38: Trump/Biden Ukraine scandal
54:02: Biden vs. "Corn Pop," Biden's criminal justice reform ideas
1:06:25: "Climate Strike" and Greta Thunberg, Chelsea Handler and "white privilege"
1:29:10: Recent Kavanaugh smear
1:35:32: The Green Party and Jill Stein
1:44:33: "Islam is right about women" signs
1:51:42: SNL firing Shane Gillis for past offensive jokes
1:55:31: Trump sends troops to Saudi Arabia

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