DSound : Decentralized Sound, My interview with the creator, Pedro Reis Colaço : paradigm shift for Steemit, Music, Podcasters.

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Imagine being a musician that has complete control over how you distribute your music; directly to your fans without any central authority being able to regulate it, take it down, or censor it in any way. Imagine being able to financially support your favorite musicians just by giving them an upvote.

Dsound is a decentralized sound distribution network that's hosted on the blockchain, pays the musicians in Steem, and it's developed by Pedro Reis Colaco, better known as @prc on Steemit. The following interview will tell you all about it.

This is a game changer folks! You're going to like this...

Of course, because this is open to all audio content, I think this could be a huge paradigm shift for podcasters as well. It’s now possible for a content provider with a relatively small but loyal audience to actually make a living from the value that they are providing to their audience. You don’t have to be Joe Rogan to survive, you just need to provide value to a few thousand people.




We are about to see what a free market can actually produce. I for one am excited!

Please follow @prc, get onto DSound, and show your support for this project as well as Dtube. It’s up to us as a community to build something great for us as individuals.

(An audio-only version of this interview will be coming via DSound soon!)

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You can help support this project by re-steeming or forwarding this post, spread the word, get involved, and post some audio clips through DSound! Let's make this happen!

► Watch on DTube
► Watch Source (IPFS)

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Great job

Wow, great interview. Had never heard of this before now. Will make a great alternative to Soundcloud, especially for the DJ's and remixers who are getting their mixes taken down by frivolous copyright claims by overzealous record labels. Upvoted and resteemed, keep up the good work!


Thank you! I really appreciate the resteem. I really want to see this project as well as DTube succeed!
People can finally stop fighting about free speech and intellectual property once technology makes the conversation irrelevant! LOL

just got some songs on dsound. great to catch this new innovation ! a little glitchy with playbacks in early stages but its looking good. checking the interview now. brilliant work here guys


Awesome! I'll check out your channel.

On YouTube, now you need 10000 views to even ask for monetization. 10k! If you have separate projects, that's 10k views again and again and again for every new channel. I started a new one a while ago, got the views finally and I got a simple refusal after like a week of waiting for whatever reason. They weren't specific. No guidance or anything, I just need to upload more videos and get more views and they might change it and they give some money.

I'm no musician and uploaded videos that could go viral, and luckily it did but for them, 10000 is a lot! And they could earn a good sum of $ here with that view count while they might end up with 0 on YT even after hundreds of thousands of views.


that why use dtube for videos


Yup, I stopped uploading there a few weeks ago. DTube is a better choice from now if anyone wants monetized videos.


Yes! YouTube is becoming irrelevant. They are even making it harder for their superstars to make money. Pewdiepie has been complaining for a while and he is a huge asset to YouTube.

@layl Steemit is gonna adjust a great deal of lifes, it's transformed mine and several Other folks but that is certainly just the start..


@doryaeriell it certainly is!
I was just thinking today about how in the earlier days of bitcoin people would talk about it being able to provide this service or that service, but for years it was just hypothetical. Now with Steemit, DTube, and DSound, we are getting a small taste of the actual utility and value of bockchain technology. I am humbled and excited to be a part of it!

Dtube, DSound what next... Dbook?! let's decentralize the world and become civilized. - One Love


YES! And it would be graet to have a super high-res photo sharing app for Steemit too. Something that could organize and share albums for visual artists and travel blogs, etc...

Is a dream come true for me, since about 3 years ago, when i start to understand how internet works, and how centralized it is. I start to think about if sometime we gonna can share freely in a bitorrent like system, then, i discover ipfs, but not have enough technical skills to mount something to share music, but now, is dsound and dtube alive, and i just feel so great to use it and support it, thanks!


That's awesome @cryptonauta . Thanks for the comment.

Nice to meet you, @holl.boll
Wow, this is somehow a dream come true after all these years envisioning it coming to our everyday world.

Thanks a lot for sharing, great job as always, and namaste :)


Thank you for your kind comments.

Gotta step up your webcam...


Absolutely! I was unable to use my lapel mic because I had to swap laptops for a borrowed one last second. The first $2,500 worth of steem I earn on here is going to new hardware so that I can improve production quality.


Explain this... or would you prefer me to?

Great interview.


Thank you. It was fun to do and the topic has me stoked!