Real Satisfaction Starts Within

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How can humanity experience the peace and joy they are hungry for? By choosing to resonate at that frequency in each moment and allowing these vibrations to form the correlating external reality. It truly starts within you, fellow conscious creators.

The external is the reflection of the internal. It is one thing to know this information, and a whole new ballgame to begin actually using and practicing it in your life. This is how we manifest our highest dreams. You are worthy!

Thanks for watching everyone!
Much love :)

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Awesome @hafizullah and @innerblocks ! Thank you, looking forward to being a part of the community

My favorite part of what you said in the video is in regards to be aware of what is around you on a supernatural level as that is like growing a third eye perspective and it does so much at a very deep level.

Again such sound advice, I feel sometimes we all forget these simple truths. We often (or I) keep a happy go luck persona and often dwell on the negatives within myself. It's good to have the reminders regularly as we can all become wrapped up in the day to day vibrations and forget to control them 💯🐒

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