Alchemical Divorce, Piercing the Illusions

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The world we perceive is not truly as it is. We often don't see the darkness. As a result, many see the world as better than it currently is. When we see the darkness though, we pierce through the illusory veil of a false "heaven" and see the "hell". Doing so allows us to be grounded a more accurate perception of reality, and do the hard work necessary to change things for the better, both in the outside world, and often first within ourselves.

This is what is written in the inforgraphic, taken from a larger presentation:

Divorce, Apophasis, Negation, Deconstruction of False Perceptual Reality
Delusion of False Perceptual Reality

We don’t just get to the light by thinking we already have it. We have to first face the darkness.

Break False Perceptions of Reality to Face the Shadow-Demon-Darkness-Negative-Evil

If we want to actually live in True Freedom and Peace, then we have to destroy the false perceptions we have of ourselves and reality to face the current darkness and shadow. We must fall before we can rise. Burn before we are reborn.

An information catalyst that provokes disturbance and puts pressure on our false conceptions can bring us to shatter these lies, to shake the false perceptions of reality, to pokes holes through the veil.

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Hello appreciated friend @krnel.

First of all let me tell you that for me, this publication was like an oasis in the desert, after knowing those despicable acts of which you denounce in your previous publications. Armies, weapons, espionage and death. It is unfortunate.

Returning to what is stated in this article, we must be fully aware that extreme situations often function as catalysts for our own faculties. Skills and abilities that we don't know about ourselves are afloat when we feel immersed in situations that look superior to us.

These stages should be considered as opportunities for spiritual, personal and human growth. Through deep meditation we can reflect on time and correct the course. The rewards would be substantial.

We must fall before we can rise. Burn before we are reborn.

This phrase is sublime.

Thanks for sharing.

Your Friend, Juan.

Indeed. I'm glad you valued the content :) We have to face the shadow and darkness in the world if we are to make it better, and also to make ourselves better.

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