El Paso Feral Colony 3-2018

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Last year I was walking out of the Petro Iron Skillet Restraunt and ran into a bunch of Castaways. The man that runs the Truckers Chapel was feeding them. I also gave them some scraps, and came back with more food later.

I will be stopping back in there later today (#caturday) to see if they are still there. #catsofsteemit

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Animals also need to be treated well. They too have the right to live on this land. Great video


I agree 100%. I Only wish we could help them all .

Here is Sammi Jo's latest rescue, we call here Weezer (Wee One)

Her rescue story will be a much later chapter in my Sammi Jo Story. Check out her story when you find time. Sammi Jo rescued us...!!!

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Very cool that someone cares enough to help take care of the ferals. I hope they have a trap-neuter-release program, though... or they will end up with a LOT of cats there.

I hope they will still be there and doing well when you visit.



Juss parked, no spots to park up near where they are, so gotta walk it. Darn it. I wanted to do a Live Stream on BitTube of them if they are there.

But a couple vids will have to do.

I was going to ask the guy feeding them if He has tried that. Sometimes they will come out and trap them. Other times Humane Society will loan out box traps and you bring em in for a Free Spay / Neut. That is how we got our Castaway Dark Cloud Yard Ferals done at home.

Photo is of Jessi's Daddy Cat. He was the hardest one to trap. He is so "Skittish and Afraid."

The neighbor Asshole that threw him out the door cuz He peed on his leather jacket. His ex girlfriend told us He kicked the crap outta the poor cat first. Then physically kicked him out the door. I wish that Asshole would come around my place after dark. Me and Daddy Tux would give his Ass kickin that He left behind right back to him.

That's quite a colony! Kind of like how it is at our place. We have like 20 feral cats living outside. We took our kittens in when we found them because we didn't want them going feral too. The mama cats won't let me get close enough to them to even get decent pictures of them. We had three litters of kittens over a year and a half ago which is why we have so many cats. After joining up with Steemit I couldn't resist making cat posts.

wow sir krazzytrukker that's a big family! Bless that man for taking care of them. They just show up out of nowhere?


In every direction is DEATH.....

i10 to the north 1000 yrds. Busy streets in every other direction. 18 wheelers flying all around in every direction. Very high traffic area. It is so sad to see them in the middle of all this..... a very sad and helpless feeling.


Howdy again sir krazzytrukker! well, that is a shame but I like that idea about contacting the local shelters because that place looks like kind of a collecting area for strays.
wow that's a great photo by the way.