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Just ask yourself.. How amazing would Dtube be if you opened the main trending page and got filled with videos that weren't trying to give advice?

Now i am not saying there are not videos like this out there because there are! But at the same time there are a lot more videos made for the sole purpose of gaining and upvoteing.

Such as daily vlogging... You might ask what could possibly be wrong with daily vlogging Korneliusz? Its great for growth and lets the people see your life on a daily bases. Okay so my point is that if you vlog everyday surely you will run out of new things to show your viewers everyday?? From my own experience i tried to post everyday and ofter found myself filming and talking about stuff that people didnt really seem to care about and it just got repetitive.

So when i came to this realisation i snapped out quick and went over to Dtube and looked and to my amazement there were people exactly like me.. Whose sole purpose was gain and were not bringing anything new and original to the platform.

How can we change???

Well my idea was to stop filming until i felt like i had something funny or true to film about. I mean it was mentally tiring to sit there and get and give advice 24/7 on how to live a better life hahah, like yeah i do want to be motivated and keep myself in check, but on the other hand sometimes i just want to sit down and have a giggle at a funny video or someone screaming at a video game.

So my conclusion is that, Dtube will eventually turn into a amazing platform full of amazing people driven with passion so i am not worried, but just wanted to put it out there for everyone to see and that we can help change this problem and turn Dtube into something better which will attract more users which is better for everyone. So if you managed to read through all that boring stuff i just came out with thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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