Steemit blog at 36,000 feet, returning from a week in New York City!

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Steemit! I’m back in Minnesota after a little over a week on the east coast, shooting throughout Pennsylvania and New York City! I’ve managed to keep up with nightly blog posts. Last evening, I slept on a friend’s acupuncture table […I’m not kidding] in Midtown Manhattan and the apartment didn’t have WiFi. I couldn’t make it happen, but I’m here tonight staring at my screen through bloodshot eyes. It doesn’t matter what shape you show up in…just that you show up, right?

I have some great stuff to share! This trip was hugely successful. I didn’t make a lot of money, but the shoots and commitments I made really moved the needle career-wise, and for “Dark Pinup” with @wcpublishing. if you haven’t already read my recent post, “New Year's tattoos and photography w/ Inkmaster winner @ryanashley!”, please catch up on those New Year’s goings on.

Highlights of these last few days include meeting up in Scranton, PA with our own @bryan-imhoff. We’d made tentative plans, that seemed likely to fall through with the impending Cyclone Bomb storm hitting the east coast. We were able to reschedule, however, and had a great time doing usual art guy stuff at my favorite local coffee shop, Adezzo. Unfortunately, I had a pressing print magazine deadline so I was editing instead of drawing, but there will be comic days ahead.

I made it to New York City and had brunch with my longtime friend Cora of The Lingerie Addict. I just wrote a two part series chronicling our last shoot together for her blog. If you’d like context on our friendship and collaborations together, that’s a great read. We had breakfast at Kirsh bakery, caught up, talking art, career and society. I have an immense, deep respect for this woman and all she’s accomplishing, and overall world view. I’m so glad we had a chance to catch up.

I went straight from there to Brooklyn to meet Danielle Otrakji at Beauty Bar. This shoot has been years in the making. I’ve wanted to photograph Danielle since I first saw her modeling work. This shoot was specifically for “Dark Pinup” and was everything I hoped it would be. Also a comic book illustrator, we had a chance to talk technology and digital art over steamed dumplings. I also gave her the elevator pitch on Steemit, so fingers crossed, she’ll be joining the community sooner or later. In the meantime, here’s a Steemit exclusive teaser from the shoot at Beauty Bar!

And with that, I’m going to bed. I’m exhausted. Thanks for staying with me during the travel. I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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So glad you had safe travels friend!
That picture! I feel with all your talent I'm gonna run out of compliments but every single photo you take is perfection really! Gotta save up for our shoot!
Hugs and hope you and yours are staying warm :)

Lars, congratulations on a fun and productive shoot. The photo you included of your model/portraiture work is amazing. I have been and continue to be amazed by your picture of the female form. So many men have captured the female form, that while one can take pictures of beautiful women, it is difficult to do anything new or compelling. Somehow your work is indeed compelling -- you have also shot a more diverse set of models than are often shot in any given year or half-decade.

I want to try my own hand at photographing the male form though now Kelly is headed in that direction as well -- it will be rough for me, Kelly has so much practice and is so talented.

Anyway, congrats on a great trip, look forward to seeing more of your work.

I was also in NYC last week. The snow storm was incredible. It was like being sandblasted by ice crystals.

Ha! There I am looking puzzled in my salt encrusted car, watching as Lars stood in the frigid cold photographing my arrival. As he made his way into the passengers seat all he had to say was, "Everything's a Steemit post..." and I nodded my understanding.

Glad to hear the important parts of your trip went well, even if your sleeping arrangements seem to have been consistently subpar. Rest up!

Awesome post with the story it is,,, Hope you are fine and you had enjoyed a good time at Beauty Bar. Awesome and cute looking she is,,,, We are waiting to see her on Steemit..........

I have really loved your post and enjoyed a lot with your travel blog. It really was a very nice day on which you have enjoyed a lot the beauty bar and posted Pictures were also very nice . I am following you and will recomment my friends to follow you too.

Really awesome post and i hope you are fine and you have enjoyed a lot on beauty bar and your pictures so nice

Hey Lars, excellent post! I love the lighting in the third photo (from the shoot), looks terrific. By the way, now that you're back in Minnesota, we should play Magic some time. I work with @tarotbyfergus and he said you guys play sometimes.

Have a happy and placid return trip!

Wow, I wasn't expecting the picture of the girl at the end... but it was a nice surprise! :)


HA! I thought I'd sneak that in for anyone actually willing to read the blog, @cryptoknight12. :P

I'd never been there, I met important artists from there in Chile that told me it is quite a monotonous place to be inside, but I can't judge if I haven't visited the city!

I love the final approach onto runway 30-R. You flew right over my work...Nice job on the girls, too.

i like it ur post

Hope you had a chance to recuperate! That last image, WOW! such cool lighting! Was that shot with candlelight as well?

Dark Pinup, indeed

Rest and welcome again ;)

Haha you couldn't visit NYC without getting some steamy dumps could you?

Glad to hear that "Dark Pinup" is progressing! By the time you release it, I'll be able to buy a copy with steem!

If you're ever in the NYC area and want to set up a comic book steemit get together, let me know!

Interesting trip and interesting stuff keep it up! Follow!
Интересная поездка и интересные вещи продолжаются! Следить

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