Introducing my friend Vagos to #Steemskate family + skate footage from our skate session

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Yo, what's up people?

First of all I would like to introduce you a new member that will be joining the @Steemskate family soon.
His name is Vagos and he is waiting for his account approval as I am writing that.

About today's skate sess, I was feeling kind of tired today.Both my legs are tired from daily skating and cycling so I wanted to take it easy.
Some grinds n' slides at the curb and a couple of tricks at the copying completed my skate hunger for today.
Tomorrow will be a new day and I hope I will be at my 100%.
My homie Vagos did his first ever bs nosegrind today. His face after landing it was shining. The feeling of success when you land a trick for the first time is priceless.
Skaters can understand what I mean.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me and if you want to see more skateboarding check out @Steemskate.
For any questions about @Steemskate , don't hesitate to ask.
Much love and stay safe.

Edit : @Knowhow92
Music : Umoja - Rabia

Find me here


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Resteemed by @Steemskate.

yes man that sounds great :P Hope he gets his account as soon as possible :D


Hope so too bro.
Thanks for stopping by yo.

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Thanks @Ddaily !!

I think if you practice, sw tailslide 270 out would be easy for you, brother.
Welcome brooooooo, nice bs nosegrind


I have tried them but they are kind of tough.
I'll try and do them for you bro.
Wait and see.
Peace ✌✌

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I know you can make them brother, I do some tricks by pulling them out in 270.